Ms Brightside

Avani,22. Hair stylist

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7 Responses to “Ms Brightside”

  1. smrithi rao Says:

    Rockstar!! screams that out loud :)) i saw the exact pair of leggings in M&S , Benetton is it hmm

  2. karishma Says:

    Insane! I’m loving every bit of it!

  3. karishma Says:

    Yea I did see the kala Ghoda ones.
    The colours and the prints were such a treat to the eye.
    And I actually remember seeing you there.
    You were wearing black, right?
    FYI The Kala Ghoda post is my favourite!

    • Manou Says:

      Yes i was! Many saw me..and some complained or so they said. I was escorted away and taken to the organizers by these super vigilant cops for “suspicious activities and clicking dirty photos” but later it was all sorted.

  4. karishma Says:

    Dirty photos? 😐 This is weird country! Someone complained about the noise. Why can’t people mind their own business!

  5. prutha Says:

    love her hair!!!!!!!!!

  6. chaya Says:

    cool !!

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