Girls of summer.

Pooja,13. Lalita, 11. They were selling custom-made bracelets on a small spread-out on the pavement. A 20 minute long discussion involving a lot of appealing, promising not to sell photos to a newspaper(which they thought I’d do), showing them some photos of people on the camera I’d taken that day, and buying a 20 Rupee bracelet later- they agreed.
They got up and covered themselves up with their shawls. I felt awkward in asking them “not to” but I did. One agreed and one didn’t.

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6 Responses to “Girls of summer.”

  1. smrithi rao Says:

    ohh i love this 🙂 so naturally beautiful!!

  2. emily Says:

    the colors are so beautiful in these pictures!

  3. pankh Says:

    these girls are so beautiful

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