The contributors

Featuring all aware & unaware contributors of the last shoot by digging up some old photos and putting them together.

Ann Hager, 27..from Sweden. Photographed in Dharamsala on one of the cold sunny days. Ann is the ex-wearer of the tee that now graces my living room wall.

Karan’s scarf is from some street market in London.  Shoes from Colaba causeway for 1200Rs.

Kismet, photographed about a year ago.
Yellow Dress – for Rs. I00 from Sarojini Nagar.
Scarf – Firozi Fish for Rs.I50
Sunglasses – Aldo

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7 Responses to “The contributors”

  1. smrithi rao Says:

    I am loving what the guy in the second pic is wearing,awesome for carrying of th shoes must say 🙂 whistles

  2. Sunaina Says:

    His shoes are so cool! Loved your umbrella post, so many nice colors ❤

  3. Karishma Says:

    I’d kill for those shoes!
    Great pictures 🙂

  4. Stuti Says:

    That artwork behind the girl in the third picture makes me want to kill myself. Or, get a better view of it.

    • Manou Says:

      I’ll try finding it. I probably did take a photo of just the background. It was a temporary facade for an opening-soon shop of sorts(maybe ice-cream & fresh juice)..on Carter road.

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