Vir Shete|Look 1

Vir Shete is a 19 year old make-up artist. He works as a freelancer and this September he will be off to study at London school of fashion. Vir had complete freedom to choose whatever clothes he wanted to be photographed in. My contribution to his looks was through our telephonic conversations which required me to say, “Umm yes, that will be fine. Yes, that too and that too.”
This is first of the 5 looks that defines his wardrobe.
“I don’t wear make-up on a regular daily basis besides eye-kohl, that too, not always. I’ve worn makeup here to reinforce the look.”
Vir is wearing eye-kohl, has contoured his nose and cheekbones with some bronzer & nude liner on lips to make it look natural. Vir calls this make up his signature style.
“I would wear this look in the day to meet and chill with friends preferably indoors; at a friend’s place, at a cafe or maybe to do some outdoor day chores.”
Denim hot pants > Mango
Pink polo t-shirt > Burberry
Beige belt > Gucci
Platform sandals > Some store in Breach Candy, Mumbai
Bag > Louis Vuitton
Sunglasses > Marc Jacobs

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4 Responses to “Vir Shete|Look 1”

  1. Piya Says:

    Vir’s gorgeous! Love those hotpants 🙂

  2. Fashion Bombay Says:

    Love the pictures and however overused the blog title may be, it fits perfectly 🙂

  3. Comfortable Footwear Says:

    Things To Look For If You Want Comfortable Footwear

  4. Smrithi Rao Says:

    the bag and the pink so freaking cool 🙂 hottie he is 🙂

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