About: Documenting wardrobes

The third time I photographed Vir on the last day of Lakme fashion week, I knew I’d be making more photos with him. Later I asked him if he’d let me document his wardrobe…and he agreed.
We decided on a day. I postponed. We decided on another day. Vir postponed. Then we decided on another day. I had to reach Altamount road at 11. I took the Tulsi Pipe road route. To my left was the long wall(The wall project-Bombay) romanticized by art containing slogans of peace, love, nationality, bollywood & some mathematical calculations.
I wanted to use these backgrounds for the day’s shoot. The traffic was moving slow due to which I ended up clicking about 50 photos and reaching Vir’s place at 1:30. Vir was still sleeping. We had 5 looks to shoot in 5 hours. We also had to eat lunch, and complain about the hot weather, which he did.

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5 Responses to “About: Documenting wardrobes”

  1. Nehal Ahmed Says:

    Hey! I painted one of these. 🙂
    But, you don’t have a picture of it. 😦

  2. Upasana Says:

    I love the Graffiti.I am hoping there are more pictures from the shoot 🙂

  3. grey Says:

    my fabulous coworker made the pow
    will show her this

  4. shwetha Says:

    Some of them remind me of the pieces of the Berlin wall…

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