Vir Shete|Interview

Vir usually wakes up around 12p.m., drinks hot coffee with a cigarette, relaxes with music(current favorite: Rihanna’s rude boy) or talks to a close friend till he is completely awake, spends the day hanging out with friends. Gets home usually by 10p.m. unless he is going out at night. Then, watches a film, talks to a few friends, or surfs the net. Sleeps 3a.m. However, if he had to go for an interview the next day, he probably would avoid doing some of that, and this is what he’d wear.
Shirt > United Colors Of Benetton
Pants > United Colors Of Benetton
Belt > Dolce&Gabbana
Tweed coat > Mango
Black broken leather shoes > Metro
Sunglasses > Prada
Suede bag > Sisley

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12 Responses to “Vir Shete|Interview”

  1. neeru Says:

    very stylish pictures! waiting for posts on the other looks!

  2. K Says:

    oooh! I like.

  3. Spardha Says:

    I love that Tweed jacket… !
    My first time on your blog.. very interesting!

  4. Smrithi Rao Says:

    oww the jacket is such a hottie, again isn’t it soo very hot for the jacket, but when it looks that good guess its ok to suffer a bit 🙂

  5. Upasana Says:

    Love the detailing in he Tweed jacket and the Shoes. But something is missing ..can’t put my finger on it ..

  6. The Pernicious One Says:

    Oh, the Tweed Jacket is love ♥

  7. creatist Says:

    Very very stylish photos.. and God! I have the hots for that jacket!! 😀

  8. creatist Says:

    But then again.. that jacket? In this weather? confused.

  9. diya Says:

    definitely digging this look. I love his blazer!

  10. Arif Says:

    Style Personified! This is just wow!
    And the art in the background is creating excellent visual.
    I won’t remark on the jacket (as I have one similar to that) but I truly love the deep wine color of Vir’s trouser and shirt. Fantastic Manou.

  11. Anna Katrina Says:

    love your blog!! now following you on twitter & congrats on the feature in ifb!!

    would love you to check out Passport Glamour & follow if you like!

    Anna Katrina

  12. Rachana Says:


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