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Here Comes the Umbrella

June 17, 2010
It was a long, cold, lonely winter, and it felt like it’d been there for years..but then out came the sun and The Beatles said, “it’s alright.” Smile returned to people’s faces. The sun shone, and people sipped lemonade, but when came the rain, people ran and hid their heads, and The Beatles said, “when it rains and shines, it’s just a state of mind.”

These photos were taken during the months of August, September, October in Mcleodganj, Dharamsala. It was considerably cold throughout. People looked happy when the sun shone, rain always brought with it a bit of gloominess, and life got colder with the dark winter fog.  Just a state of mind? I can’t be sure.
Meanwhile, the cost of these umbrellas remained unaffected, ranging from 60Rs. to 250Rs.


Featured in Shoes & Accessories

June 6, 2010

A few photos from the shoot I did two months ago for Karan Berry are in this month’s Shoes & Accessories. To read the two month old post click here – Shoes, Stockings & Two Umbrellas, to read the entire article..umm..go to a book store? The article introduces a new label – A.K.A by Karan, Aeiman, & Ateev.

As famous as God.

June 5, 2010

Time was running out. The light was dying. It was roughly about 7p.m. I wanted to shoot this one against Elvis at the Wall project. A quiff for a quiff…but we were too far to make it. The light was dying.


“Mostly my hair styles are inspired by Victoria Beckham, Rihanna & Lady Gaga. A haircut for me is much more than just a hair cut. It’s about personality, a new upgraded look, a new creation.
I am very observant of style. I notice what people are wearing. Celebrities, designers, people at parties and shoots in magazines like Vogue do inspire my style but at the end of the day I have my own style and if inspired by anyone or anything, I do modify it and make myself look as original and unique as possible.”

“I am a man and I do shop from men’s wear but most of my shopping is done from women’s wear because there is a lot more variety and most men’s wear brands don’t have my size.”

I grew up in Mumbai. As a kid I wanted to become a pilot, a doctor, a dentist. In the 4th grade I was sent to a boarding school in Ooty for 6 years. I had an amazing childhood and I thank my parents for that. They gave me possibly everything I ever wanted. I am very spoilt but I know my responsibilities. I think that I’d been through a hell of a lot at a very young age and I feel I’ve grown much faster than other people my age. As a child, I was both artistic and sporty. I was good at painting, drawing & craft. I was also an athlete and my main event was hurdles. I won Gold in 110m hurdles, Silver in 100m sprint and a Bronze in 4x100m relay. I was chosen for inter-school athletics. I’ve played other sports like football and basketball as well but this was all years ago. As time passed by, I grew up, I began to identify with my self and my interests changed.

A few years ago, M.A.C store had just opened near my house and I decided to check it out and buy some products for myself. I ended up befriending the artists working there. I would hang out with them sometimes and observe them doing make-up on customers. They would also practice on me and teach me the right basics. This how I first took an interest and learnt my basics in make-up. I realized that I really liked the art and also I was quite good at it. After a while, I began doing it on a professional level. A little later, I also started doing hair & styling as it seemed interesting and gradually i ended up doing it professionally.

Post my course in fashion at London college of fashion, I plan to become a fashion designer and work in London for a few years. Eventually, I want to set up my own label and settle down in India. I have big dreams. I want to create a new fashion revolution. I want to change the way men dress and invent a new era altogether, and take couture to another level. I’d like to be known as a fashion legend – The Diva. I also have plans about doing a movie or a music album some day. Not that I want to take any of that up professionally but I just want to do it for the heck of it and the experience. There was a time when I wrote around 21 songs with the hope of launching a music album. The songs were pretty nice and I selected 12 songs to finally make an album of but it didn’t work out maybe because I couldn’t get along with my director. Ha-ha!

I just want to be huge…like Madonna says, “I won’t be happy until I’m as famous as God.