As famous as God.

Time was running out. The light was dying. It was roughly about 7p.m. I wanted to shoot this one against Elvis at the Wall project. A quiff for a quiff…but we were too far to make it. The light was dying.


“Mostly my hair styles are inspired by Victoria Beckham, Rihanna & Lady Gaga. A haircut for me is much more than just a hair cut. It’s about personality, a new upgraded look, a new creation.
I am very observant of style. I notice what people are wearing. Celebrities, designers, people at parties and shoots in magazines like Vogue do inspire my style but at the end of the day I have my own style and if inspired by anyone or anything, I do modify it and make myself look as original and unique as possible.”

“I am a man and I do shop from men’s wear but most of my shopping is done from women’s wear because there is a lot more variety and most men’s wear brands don’t have my size.”

I grew up in Mumbai. As a kid I wanted to become a pilot, a doctor, a dentist. In the 4th grade I was sent to a boarding school in Ooty for 6 years. I had an amazing childhood and I thank my parents for that. They gave me possibly everything I ever wanted. I am very spoilt but I know my responsibilities. I think that I’d been through a hell of a lot at a very young age and I feel I’ve grown much faster than other people my age. As a child, I was both artistic and sporty. I was good at painting, drawing & craft. I was also an athlete and my main event was hurdles. I won Gold in 110m hurdles, Silver in 100m sprint and a Bronze in 4x100m relay. I was chosen for inter-school athletics. I’ve played other sports like football and basketball as well but this was all years ago. As time passed by, I grew up, I began to identify with my self and my interests changed.

A few years ago, M.A.C store had just opened near my house and I decided to check it out and buy some products for myself. I ended up befriending the artists working there. I would hang out with them sometimes and observe them doing make-up on customers. They would also practice on me and teach me the right basics. This how I first took an interest and learnt my basics in make-up. I realized that I really liked the art and also I was quite good at it. After a while, I began doing it on a professional level. A little later, I also started doing hair & styling as it seemed interesting and gradually i ended up doing it professionally.

Post my course in fashion at London college of fashion, I plan to become a fashion designer and work in London for a few years. Eventually, I want to set up my own label and settle down in India. I have big dreams. I want to create a new fashion revolution. I want to change the way men dress and invent a new era altogether, and take couture to another level. I’d like to be known as a fashion legend – The Diva. I also have plans about doing a movie or a music album some day. Not that I want to take any of that up professionally but I just want to do it for the heck of it and the experience. There was a time when I wrote around 21 songs with the hope of launching a music album. The songs were pretty nice and I selected 12 songs to finally make an album of but it didn’t work out maybe because I couldn’t get along with my director. Ha-ha!

I just want to be huge…like Madonna says, “I won’t be happy until I’m as famous as God.

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8 Responses to “As famous as God.”

  1. Sovina Says:

    Love those pants..have been scouting for such pants for so long and grey is the perfect color for them.

  2. Upasana Says:

    It is about time Suzy Menkes read your blog !!

  3. Spardha Says:

    Vir looks stunning in this one!!! he’s such a hottie!

  4. JOHN Says:

    Being a straight guy I find it difficult to understand most of the things people do in the name of fashion.But one thing I can tell you is that the shots above are nothing short of spectacular. He looks stunning,like a diamond;cold and all sharp edges but brilliant to the darned core.Keep up the good work.

  5. Issa Says:

    I ve been going through your blog…..when Vir wears sunglasses he looks soooo much like Priyanka Chopra that it is plain freaky….Oh btw Vir is nothing short of a piece of work…Sooo friggin stunning….sigh 😦

  6. creatist Says:

    Love his look! Love those sunglasses..wish I could carry them like that!! 😀

    And God Vir! You modified those pants??? :O They look sooo hot!

  7. Daryl Memmott Says:

    Hiya, this blog page came back in a search result on Diamond jewelry, it was roughly what I imagined but seeing your blog post I am thankful it did. Continue the excellent work

  8. Men in sequins « Wear about Says:

    […] the images to see an enlarged view” A lot has been said about Vir Shete on this blog here, here, here, and here so I won’t introduce him again but I would talk about the other two awesome […]

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