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Art Deco by Manish Arora

September 26, 2010

The show was sponsored by Philips. I thought they only made light bulbs; during the show I remembered they also made electronics.

The show started on the screen. There were two audio visuals. One was easily forgettable but the 2nd one – a commercial film by Philips – was amazing. It was a black & white film..set inside a laboratory. There was a Back to the Future type of scientist with an assistant..there was frequent light generation through a constantly buzzing device. What followed on the stage seemed like a continuation of what I thought the audio visual was..which possibly is not what I think it was. 

The show opened with a busy laser light play supported by freezing,screeching audio, right after which, the first model walked.

Stage went black for the first time..and all one could see was laser lights out of the eyes models. Had to over-expose the images to make laser visible.

Stage went black again for the 2nd time, the music stopped, and there was the sound of a chopper. A lone blue spot light rotating over the people, over the ramp, and you see 3 figures, with fibre optic wires sticking out of their heads, fluttering like wings of a mechanical butterfly, walking slowly.

I really liked the music the show started with. Does anybody know what music that was?  Kind of clean, fast paced bass violin…it reminded me of James Howard+Nick Cave+Warren Ellis..which some point..changed to a similar bass violin rendition of – Come as you are ..It was like a surreal film setting until they played “we don’t need no edu..”  That got the crowd going. The show ended with Abba’s “take a chance on me.”

Backstage – Manish Arora

September 20, 2010

Interns at Manish Arora from La Cambre, Brussels – helping backstage.

This is minutes before the show. I think hair and make up is pretty much done but the models are wearing their own clothes. Is that how it usually is?

Shoe gazing.

September 19, 2010

New Shoes by Paolo Nutini, made many people believe that putting a pair of new shoes on can change the world or at least one’s personal aspect of it.

Allia agrees.

Allia, 26. Fashion Stylist.
Top – Forever 21
Organic shorts – H&M
Shoes – YSL
Bracelet – Accessorize
Allia has a fetish for shoes. She owns about 75 pairs. Her cheapest buy was a pair of blue platforms for 4£ and she is tripping on her most recent and most expensive buy –  a 900$ pair of open toe shoes by Burberry.

Bag – Zara
Top – Zara
Skirt – H&M

And then I found Akanksha who has about 100 pairs!

“I have about 100 pairs of  shoes and they’re in many different sizes…so not all are for me. My work requires me to have all these shoes.”

Akanksha, 36. Freelance stylist.
Jacket – Forever 21
Shoes  – United Nude at Bombay Electric
Bag – Topshop


Shoes worn by Marv D, NIkhil Paul, Rin & Manish Arora.


Photos from day 1 & 2, of Lakme Fashion Week. A big thanks to Nonita Kalra and amazing people from Elle for arranging my media pass.

The Human Experience

September 17, 2010

You don’t really look forward to getting older, but as you reach a certain age, you think about it all the time. You get extremely selective about things you like and you don’t. You carefully choose what you want to do with your time. You feel the constant want to know more about more things while forgetting what you already know. You sleep early or at least try to, thinking you’d wake up early too. You ask bigger questions about the purpose of existence and meaning of life. You are happy, and you are terrified, and you are still in your 20s.

Being in this world, in this time, where change is constant, you just can’t help getting older. It is a part of nature. A never ending human experience.

Ripped/torn clothing has been in and out of fashion for decades but the last time it gained ground it had a better significance than before, probably because it was “reflecting recession,” in the sense – “poor state of economy = poor state of clothes.” No one wanted to look like they had money.So there were leggings, jeans, skirts & shorts – all slashed, mutilated but more expensive than before.
I wonder if most of the trends are born out of not caring. For example: the seams of the sweater in the photo above are coming off at the neck, and it is probably out of indifference or not having enough money to get it stitched or both.
Considering the unpredictability of fashion, I’m thinking if it’d become a trend some day for the top part of clothing as well, just as it did for bottoms. At the least, it could be argued, whether deliberate or not, the tearing of clothes, and the current state of the world economy are interestingly symbolic.

All Tibetan women are seen dressed up in long-sleeved shirts and striped aprons at the waist. According to the Tibetan custom, aprons are worn by women to indicate they are married. There are aprons in different colors, varying mostly in the sizes of the stripes. If a woman gets divorced or becomes a widow, she no longer wears an apron. Also, if observed, no Tibetan men wear rings or any other specific articles of clothing that indicate their marital status.

I am also wondering if old people worry about matters like – “So today I am going to the temple, and I should wear this black bowler hat with my brown walking stick, and canvas moccasins?”

Old folks of Dharamsala. Praying, turning beads between their fingers, counting; smiling at the unfamiliar, greeting the familiar; content; lost on the streets, and within selves.

Shortlisted in British Vogue

September 2, 2010

Last week, I made it to the Vogue UK fashion photography blog competition shortlist along with 60 other bloggers from all over the world.

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Color Nymph by Neha Verma

September 1, 2010

Jessica M, 25 in Color Nymph