Art Deco by Manish Arora

The show was sponsored by Philips. I thought they only made light bulbs; during the show I remembered they also made electronics.

The show started on the screen. There were two audio visuals. One was easily forgettable but the 2nd one – a commercial film by Philips – was amazing. It was a black & white film..set inside a laboratory. There was a Back to the Future type of scientist with an assistant..there was frequent light generation through a constantly buzzing device. What followed on the stage seemed like a continuation of what I thought the audio visual was..which possibly is not what I think it was. 

The show opened with a busy laser light play supported by freezing,screeching audio, right after which, the first model walked.

Stage went black for the first time..and all one could see was laser lights out of the eyes models. Had to over-expose the images to make laser visible.

Stage went black again for the 2nd time, the music stopped, and there was the sound of a chopper. A lone blue spot light rotating over the people, over the ramp, and you see 3 figures, with fibre optic wires sticking out of their heads, fluttering like wings of a mechanical butterfly, walking slowly.

I really liked the music the show started with. Does anybody know what music that was?  Kind of clean, fast paced bass violin…it reminded me of James Howard+Nick Cave+Warren Ellis..which some point..changed to a similar bass violin rendition of – Come as you are ..It was like a surreal film setting until they played “we don’t need no edu..”  That got the crowd going. The show ended with Abba’s “take a chance on me.”

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7 Responses to “Art Deco by Manish Arora”

  1. Jacinthe Says:

    I think the music is “strange thing” by Freeland

    (It was the music for the défilé in Paris Fashion Week)

    Love your blog!

    Jacinthe from France

  2. AWA Says:

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  3. ateev Says:

    funny though that our fashion seasons are running slower or behind the world seasons of fashion, so much so that Manish Arora’s 6mth old collection is applicable at the Indian fashion week now!

  4. Rachel M Bayros « Wear about Says:

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  5. Surelee Joseph « Wear about Says:

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  6. aparna Says:

    I loved this collection back then. Your blog was a good way to revisit these. Thanks

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