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Boy who grew up in a pile of clothes

October 30, 2010

Sailex Ngairangbam, 26. Fashion Designer

I was born to a mother who was already in the same profession, and I, quite literally, grew up in a pile of clothes!! I had always been fascinated with pieces of clothing around me and knew how to sew by the time I turned 8. I was lucky because I had understanding and encouraging parents who didn’t force me into a conventional field of study – which then was either engineering or medicine.

Studying and working
I was one of the laziest students at NIFT. My faculty frequently wanted to flunk me because I refused to work and was never on time, but somehow I managed to get through. For my graduation, I created a collection called “Lust Bug.” If I looked at it now I probably would want to throw up. Post NIFT, I worked for Lee at Arvind Brands in Bangalore, but I quit before my probation period ended. I couldn’t survive in a corporate environment.

Domus and Italian influences
I realized I needed further exposure in the international fashion scenario; it didn’t really matter to me where I was going to study. I had heard about Domus, and I wanted to be in Milan, so I decided to give it a shot and enrolled myself. I would surmise that technically NIFT furnished me with the basics and Domus polished the rest. Though, to be completely honest, the best education was just living in Italy and watching fashion conscious people day in and day out. The typical Italian city-goer was my biggest influence and living in Milan broadened my fashion sensibilities, which, until then, had been acutely “Indian-Corporate –Fashion” driven so to speak.
I sorely miss the Italian appertivo, a happy hour culture which starts at 6 pm and includes unlimited food on the house if you buy a drink !! And, of course, I miss shopping there too!!

Working Abroad
I started working as a student. I stitched & created prototypes for Rafael Lopez & made technicals for Costume National. I worked with a design house in Milan for a while, but due to visa issues, I had to head back.

Gen Next 2008 and subsequent Collections
My first public showing was Gen-Next 2008 for which I created a collection based on the cartoon character “Emily the strange”. My recent Lakme Winter/festive collection “Duality” was inspired by Lucifer, fallen angels; the duality between good and evil in the same being. It took me 20 days and 20 nights to create it. I’ve come a long way from my first collection at LFW in 2008 and have grown a lot over time. I’m very fickle minded. For me, to create a collection like this one, I need to sort my head out first. Once I’m mentally prepared the rest follows through.

Photos from Duality.


Shirt/shorts/bow tie – self made
Belt – Sarojini market
Bag – Sisley
Footwear – custom made

Edited by Nidhi Sunil


Lou Lou

October 25, 2010

Lou Lou is 65. She designs houses, gardens, and interiors.
Kurta dress/Shoes – Self designed
Pants – Fab India
Belt – Flea market at Anjuna Beach

Kristel Ann

October 24, 2010

She writes poetry, makes doodles, and is hooked to Red House PaintersShe likes Irina Lazareanu & Zooey Deschanel for their perfect fringes.

Kristel Ann,21. Fashion designer.
Dress – American Rag
Bag – FCUK


She prefers cats over dogs on a dress, is mad about the sitcom Skins, and has her own fashion blog – Different Stars – that derives its name from a song by Trespassers William which one evening she covered on the piano.

Priya Kishore

October 24, 2010

Priya Kishore, owner of Bombay Electric, was on The Sartorialist in 2008, and was on the list of India’s best dressed people compiled by Verve in 2009.

Read more about Bombay Electric: short stories on styledotcomcnngo, and a long story on stylebible dot ph.

Tailored biomechanics

October 18, 2010
An interview with Ruchika Sachdeva.
Shoes – Vivienne Westwood. Trousers – own design. Bag – Vintage, Porto Bello, London. Tee – Zara
Making a living out of dressing up
I always wanted to dress well, but never thought I’d take fashion up as a profession until I got out of school. At school, I studied Commerce & Business. I took up fashion because I could connect to it on a very personal level. I wanted to be able to design my own clothes and earn a living.
Studying and being free
I graduated from London College of Fashion after a year of studying at Pearl Academy of Fashion. My stay in London taught me a lot because it was my first time living alone. The freedom and independence added to the experience and made it brilliant.
On the streets
For many years people in London used fashion as a tool to revolt in regard to sub-cultures such as punk and mod. Street style there touches another level altogether. Street fashion in India is all mixed up because of the various influences I guess. I specially admire the way people from the north-east carry themselves. I feel, now, people are experimenting and taking fashion more seriously than before.
Generation next
Lakme Fashion Week was a step forward. I sent in my graduating collection for the ‘Gen-next’ category and got selected. I am glad I got through as it gave me a bigger platform and a lot of exposure.
The collection is called Biomechanics.
I explored the relationship shared between human beings and machines and incorporated the findings in my designs. The collection is futuristic and androgynous, emphasizing on – structure, tailoring and ornamentation. I also took inspiration from the strong, machine like, warrior subjects in H.R.Giger‘s paintings.
Post fashion week
I am now working on the orders. The creative part of having a design label comes naturally, but the business part of it – which is all numbers, taxation, and costing – takes a lot more effort.
Edited & re-edited by Megha Ramesh.

Rethinking the dhoti

October 14, 2010
Centuries before Helmut Lang,Marc Jacobs & Junya Watanabe realized how cool the dhotis were, Indians were already wearing them….
My first post for GQ India. Read the entire post here.
Below are some photos that were not used in the GQ post.
street fashion india GQ street style india GQ india
Karan Berry,28. Shoe designer
Jacket – Primark, London
Chappals – Self designed(same also available at METRO)
Dhoti- from Kolkata store in Goregaon
Hat – Zara
Stick – Grandfather’s
Animated badges – Paperchase, London
I’m also looking for someone to help me with writing/editing.
Interested? Please write to me –

Girls and flowers

October 14, 2010

Jharna, 29. Net Editor(right)
Green flower print dress – Topshop
Shrug – Export surplus store, Kemps Corner
Bhumica, 27. Fashion designer(left)
Flower on her head – ?

Click on an image see the enlarged view.

Just living is not enough. One must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.
H.C. Anderson


Fashion-obsessed and hedonistic cult of the hyper-cool

October 11, 2010

Nikhil D,24. Assistant Style Editor
Short sleeve shirt – from the street
Full sleeve shirt – Sabyasachi
Trousers – Dad’s
Leather shoes – Converse
Sunglasses – Topman
Bag – Aldo


Al walling(right),18. Student.
Jacket – A friend’s label – Pink Stone


Jacket – H&M
Bag/Glasses – Marc Jacobs

“I just love buying shoes. I wish I could pick many and put all over my body.”
– Edward on his shoe collection.

Most expensive buy?
A Dior bag for about 100,000Rs.


Jagvir Matharoo,27. Designer.
Glasses/Belt – from a vintage store in Le Marais, Paris
Jacket/Pants – Zara
Bag – Fossil


Sabina Chopra, very old.
Dress – COS
Jewelry- home made?

Click on an image to see the enlarged view.

Nikhil D,24. Assistant Style Editor
Blazer – Zara
Shirt – Colaba street
Sunglasses – American Apparel


Anisha,25. Editor
Dress/Jacket – H&M
Shoes – Aldo
Clutch- Dune


Geeta, 29, Ex Fashion Editor. (Snoop)
Head band & bag- Portobello flea market, London
Dress – Some boutique in Kingston
Shoes – Vintage


Nazia, 26. Student at London College of Fashion
Top – Thrifted
Jacket – Mango
Skirt – Billabong
Shoes – Office, London
Brooch – Sailex
Bag – Dior
Glasses  – Miu Miu


Edward Lalrempuia,27. Fashion Editor
Scarf – H&M
Shoes – Zara


Parveen, 23. Fashion Writer
Top/Jacket/Pants – H&M
Bag – Miu Miu


Aparna badlani, 32. Entrepreneur
Top – street somewhere.
Pants – Rishta by Arjun Saluja
Bag  – Moschino
Necklace – ?


The man who kept a watch.


Rachel,26. Fashion Model.


Kallol Datta, Designer.
Kurta/Churidar – Fab India
Bag – Hidesign
Jewelry – Suhani Pittie

Anand Bhushan,26. Fashion designer.
Top – Kallol Datta
Glasses – Vintage


Ruchika Sachdeva,22. Fashion designer
Romper/Jacket – from her own design collection
Glasses – custom made
Shorts – Topshop
Shoes – Office, london


Karan Berry, shoe designer.
Hat – Zara
Tee – Levi’s
Denim – Brother’s old Levi’s
Braces – Grandpa’s
Bag – custom made by Aeiman
Spectacles – thrifted


Rin,26. Fashion Editor.
Jacket – Thrifted
Tee – Sarojini Nagar Market
Shoes – Aldo
Pants – FCUK
Glasses – Laxmi Opticals


Diandra Soares, 35. Fashion Model.
Dress – White Peacock
Bag – LV


Little Shilpa,Big Heads.

October 10, 2010

“Little Shilpa is not a name that would get you very far as a designer in the West, you might think, but here this physically tiny designer (hence the name) has a cult following. Ostensibly a milliner (she trained with Philip Treacy), her skills stretch much further. She creates jewellery and accessories but she should really be concentrating on sculpted and architectural works. Her show of brightly coloured perspex headpieces based on bikers’ helmets and native American headdress was exhilarating but, in fashion terms, pure fantasy. The accompanying jewellery was predictable. There seems to me to be valuable talent in the wrong bed here. Her work should be in galleries, not on catwalks. Such a waste.” – Colin Mcdowell

Also read: a recent interview on dotplay + pieces she created for Lady Gaga…entire article here.

“It’s a bob done in moulded acrylic with a little bow and a crown — in crystals — backed with white feathers. It was created using Swarovski…using about 900 small crystals and approximately 45 large ones. The crystal transfers took about two days and the building of the piece about three hours.”

Shilpa says her headpieces and accessories develop through shapes. She always thinks of the pieces as pictures first. If they make a good picture in her head, then they turn out to be good pieces.

Shilpa is 36, studied apparel manufacture & design, and later on jewelry techniques…has been compared to McQueen…been called the Philip Treacy of India..the next John Galliano of accessories. She sees herself doing experimental work; somewhere between fashion and art. Her work has appeared in Harper’s Bazaar Russia, Asos, Dazed & confused, Elle. and on Lady Gaga’s head.

Old albums, streets, and grandmothers.

October 6, 2010

“I’m obsessed with family stories, mine and others’. Most of my inspiration comes from old family albums, streets, and grandmothers.”
Nidhi Jacob, 24. Freelance stylist/writer.

Top- a collage made of Nidhi’s grandparents and her father.

Below – a photo of her grandfather, sister and friends.

“I like old things in general. I like my clothes to look either borrowed or worn-in, that way they look like they have some character. 90% of my wardrobe is bought off the streets of Bandra and Colaba. There used to be a guy with a rack of clothes (the type that Goan middle-aged women* really favour; totally my style) on Hill road, Bandra, and everything on that rack was for Rs. 50/-. He’s not there anymore, so i really treasure every piece I bought from him – like a white crepe blouse, a sheer black pleated dress and unusually printed separates.”

*Goan middle-aged women – they could always be seen wearing knee-length dresses or skirt suits and blouses in synthetic fabrics and unusual prints and colours with voluminous sleeves, peplum and fancy buttons.

“I grew up in Pune. I shifted to Mumbai to study fashion when I was 17. After finishing college I went to Chennai for a year to teach fashion illustration/design methodology. Thereafter, I came back to Mumbai to work at Grazia. I love the research and constant movement that a magazine allows. There are people, clothes, photographers, photos, make-up, runway shows; there’s so much one gets to learn and experience about the industry while working with a magazine. I quit Grazia 7 months ago because I was itching to work with my hands. I took some time off…volunteered on an organic farm, and now I am back in Bombay..freelancing.”

Shirt- export surplus store in Pune
Beaded cardi- Colaba causeway
Bell-bottoms- stolen from a friend (stitched using her mom’s old saree)
Wedges- Charles & Keith
Bag- leather export surplus store in Chennai

These photo is 6 months old..the first time I met Nidhi. She is wearing her father’s spectacles and a two decade old dress picked from some place in Bandra  for about 300 Rupees.

Sacha the shopkeeper

October 2, 2010

Sacha Mendes,28.
Top/Earring – Sacha’s shop
Jeans/bag – Zara
Necklace – Chor Bazaar

“Sacha’s shop is my little shop on the ground floor of my home in Goa. I started it with 2 racks of clothes by my friends; Savio Jon and Anuj Sharma, 3 jars of home baked cookies, and 4 sets of cushion covers made by my mother.
Over the past year it has grown to include clothes by Pero, Kallol Datta and Playclan..a line of light cotton kurtas, dhotis and turkish trousers, flea market finds, costume jewellery, cotton totes, organic handmade soaps, laptop sleeves/bags made from recycled billboard fabric by Let’s.
We are hoping to offer a platform to emerging designers and artists who are doing honest work. And not very long from now, we will be selling organic foods grown naturally on a friend’s farm.”

Check shop’s Facebook page here.

If you tie the shadow’s hair up…this is how it’ll probably look.

Photos taken in March early this year at LFW…the first time I met Sacha.