Tailored biomechanics

An interview with Ruchika Sachdeva.
Shoes – Vivienne Westwood. Trousers – own design. Bag – Vintage, Porto Bello, London. Tee – Zara
Making a living out of dressing up
I always wanted to dress well, but never thought I’d take fashion up as a profession until I got out of school. At school, I studied Commerce & Business. I took up fashion because I could connect to it on a very personal level. I wanted to be able to design my own clothes and earn a living.
Studying and being free
I graduated from London College of Fashion after a year of studying at Pearl Academy of Fashion. My stay in London taught me a lot because it was my first time living alone. The freedom and independence added to the experience and made it brilliant.
On the streets
For many years people in London used fashion as a tool to revolt in regard to sub-cultures such as punk and mod. Street style there touches another level altogether. Street fashion in India is all mixed up because of the various influences I guess. I specially admire the way people from the north-east carry themselves. I feel, now, people are experimenting and taking fashion more seriously than before.
Generation next
Lakme Fashion Week was a step forward. I sent in my graduating collection for the ‘Gen-next’ category and got selected. I am glad I got through as it gave me a bigger platform and a lot of exposure.
The collection is called Biomechanics.
I explored the relationship shared between human beings and machines and incorporated the findings in my designs. The collection is futuristic and androgynous, emphasizing on – structure, tailoring and ornamentation. I also took inspiration from the strong, machine like, warrior subjects in H.R.Giger‘s paintings.
Post fashion week
I am now working on the orders. The creative part of having a design label comes naturally, but the business part of it – which is all numbers, taxation, and costing – takes a lot more effort.
Edited & re-edited by Megha Ramesh.

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  2. stela alves dohle Says:

    Very extravagant looks!!

  3. Zoob Says:


    No doubt it killsssss.Love those looks in white


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    Awesome collection man…!!AWESOME..!

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