Bell-bottoms, skinnies, Daniel Day-Lewis, and the Kinks

annora dsouza

In a scene of skinnies…..what chance do bell-bottoms have of coming back?

Born in the 60s, drastically wider in the 70s, probably last seen in the 80s in Bollywood inspired they can only be found occasionally on working class drifters, in a 70s inspired bollywood film, or on a fashion blogger..

bell bottoms

…while in Europe they’re the latest trend and were already out on the streets a few months ago.

bell bottom

It doesn’t really matter if they come back or not(although it’d be interesting to see if they do). I recently saw them on Daniel Day-Lewis in “In the name of the Father”, and in the scene above, with The Kinks’ Dedicated Follower of Fashion playing in the background..I was reminded of the man I’d photographed on the street a month ago…and then I thought about Annora..and I knew I had to put all these together..

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5 Responses to “Bell-bottoms, skinnies, Daniel Day-Lewis, and the Kinks”

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  2. H Says:

    Bell bottoms are already on their way back. If only there were more brands making pants like these.
    Sart is just <3!

  3. watsahname Says:

    Thank god for this post …
    It was about time that some one did a post on bell bottoms .They were one coolest offerings of the 70’s and I cannot imagine Charlie’s Angels without them. I have been rooting for them for about two years now.
    The skinnies and jeggings make most of the Indian women look bottom heavy (thanks to our pear shape). NOT COOL.

    Thank you!

  4. Tamanna A. Shaikh Says:

    Annora! Such a lovely name. I came to Austin at a time after seeing a lot of bell bottoms in India. But that was when the scene was changing already and by the time I got here, the bell-bottoms rapidly drifted into narrow lanes; such that, after that, they became an item of sharp style because it wasn’t just about pulling any t-shirt out of the closet to go with the bell-bottom. A crisp, relaxing change.

  5. Sanya F Says:

    I’m wearing bell bots these days wish I had a blog too so I could put ’em up but too lazy. Thanks for this!

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