Moving on: from water to sand

mumbai beach

versova beach

minimalist photography

sunset rajasthan

I am getting out of Bombay today. Going on a two month long trip. I’ll start with Jodhpur, then move up north..still undecided where I’ll go after Jodhpur. Delhi & Chandigarh are on the list. Maybe Varanasi. Maybe Shillong. Maybe Dharamsala. Hope to get some good street photos.

Photos from Bombay and Pushkar(last trip).

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10 Responses to “Moving on: from water to sand”

  1. Vidhi Says:

    Jaisalmer. It’s stunning at this time of the year.

  2. Jyotika Purwar Says:

    have fun! Benares is my favourite city ever

  3. Dolly H Says:

    If its for the blog, and if it’s street fashion…. then you cannot miss shillong!!

    • Manou Says:

      You’re right! Booking tickets has turned out to be a bitch at this time of year but I’m going to find a way to reach there soon!! Will I find you there??

  4. Spardha Says:

    bon voyage!

  5. priyanka Says:

    do visit the small towns like phalodi, badmer, sanganer for amazing street fashion.

    • Manou Says:

      Thank you for the suggestions…I won’t be able to travel to any of these this I’m not traveling “light” enough(some traveler I am!!) to go in a bus but will add them to my “to visit” list.

  6. Goddess of Boho Says:

    I’d kill to switch lives with you right now. Have fabulous vacation. Take loads of pictures and share them with us regularly.
    Also, I *love* these pictures. Especially the ones taken in tha same.

    P.S. I’m deeelighted to see PurplePeeptoes on your blogroll. Thanks a ton. :]

  7. Prateeksha Says:

    These are amazing photos. What camera?

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