Moving on once again: Blue City to Scotland of the East

jodhpur city

clothes line

abstract photography

fashion blog india

shillong country side house

winter in shillong

shillong house country side

winter in shillong

street fashion shillong

“In the depths of winter I finally learned there was in me an invincible summer.”
-Albert Camus

I spent the entire summer in Bombay and it was time to move. With intentions of going somewhere or anywhere I reached Jodhpur. Was there for a week until I got a call from Rida telling me about a place I could rent out in Shillong and so now I’m here. It’s been 10 days here and it’s amazing

Shillong is also known as Scotland of the East. It’s got a lot to do with plaids, English homes with chimneys &  fireplaces, and the lakes, and beautiful people.
Next up: Blanket fashion.

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9 Responses to “Moving on once again: Blue City to Scotland of the East”

  1. raviraj Says:

    i dont know much about photography….but as a admirer…..just a suggestion…..the photographs are placed to close to each other cos of which each photo loses its own individual significance…….

    may be the photos are placed close to each other due to the winter in shillong 🙂

  2. kingkhap Says:

    nice collection…u can also go to Wards lake,Lady Hydari park,Sweet Falls.Golf course is also good.else Cherrapunjee and Tura

  3. Masoom Minawala Says:

    Love all these pictures 🙂 Amazing! You should check out the post I did on photography on m blog !

  4. merrylin Boro Says:

    Shillong is 1 place im in love with!close to my heart.Yes I agree with Kingkhap…golf course is a good place n many other.

  5. Vanlal Says:

    People dressed for church on a Sunday.

  6. raviraj Says:

    few photos which actually create an impact ……. separated by few statements …..

    cos if there are too many photos….the scroll on the mouse just goes faster…..

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