Blanket fashion with some pork

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I am a little confused about Jainsem and Jain-kyrshah(pictures below). According to my little research based on asking around some local people..Jainsem is an attire which hangs loosely from the shoulders down to the ankles, and is not caught in at the waist..while Jain-kyrshah is a checkered cotton cloth knotted over one shoulder-sort of an improvised apron.

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While the checkered cloth tied around the lady’s(left below) head is called a Kyrshah, and is usually worn during harvesting.

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A few good examples(below) of wearing the traditional tartan patterned shawl Tapmohkhlieh. It is worn from the top, covering the head, fastened  behind  the  neck,  looping down to cover the upper part of the body, and then falling loose. Sometimes it’s folded in half which I’ve been told is not the right way to wear it. The short shawls with fringes are not Tapmokhlieh but just regular shawls, and the long ones are..umm..blankets?

Tartan is particularly associated with Scotland and Scottish kilts usually have tartan patterns, so do Tapmohkhliehs. 2nd reason why Shillong is called Scotland of the East. First is the English houses with chimneys…..

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25 Responses to “Blanket fashion with some pork”

  1. Tweets that mention Blanket fashion with some pork « Wear about -- Says:

    […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Vidhi Gandhi and Sheena, Wearabout. Wearabout said: Blanket fashion with some pork: New post up. #shillong #streetfashion #fashionblog #india #travel […]

  2. watsahname Says:

    I would have not known that it was possible to find so much plaid in India! That is just awesome. I personally find the images of slaughtered pigs rather disturbing. They are neither befitting of a fashion bog nor a travelogue.

  3. girija Says:

    all the photos remind me of this beautiful place when it sizzles…and u gorge insane amount of momos….try it:-)

  4. Rashmi Says:

    The blankets give away the feel of the place, insanely cold, yet cozy. Beautifully captured.
    The butchered pig photos give the place a warm and old feel, somehow, I like it.

  5. grey Says:

    awesome pictures manou

  6. Sumit ghosh Says:

    I love this story. sharing it. keep up the good work

  7. April Says:

    I LOVE this post! And the pork 🙂 good work!

  8. Shradha Says:

    Nice nice work!

  9. Jyoti Says:

    i love pork too and i’ve a plaid skirt just like the man in the 9th from bottom

  10. Manou Says:

    Thank you April & Shradha.

  11. Pratiksha B Says:

    The blankets look cosy and warm! So does the pig. haha

  12. sizzlingsuzai Says:

    hi so impressed by the details of india streetwear here..keep up guys! ^^

  13. Uma Says:

    Love the photograph of the little boy wearing the blanket like a cape, hands in his pockets chewing on a beedi (?). He could strut down a ramp looking like that and not look out of place.

  14. Sonia kumar Says:

    Wowww love all photos and you are right about the pork. Great work.

  15. Tashi J Says:

    I loooooooveeeeeeeee these photos. Thank you for this post.

  16. Angela Says:

    Beautiful photos. Keep up the good work.

  17. kanika Says:

    The red chequered blankets- Masai prints from this Fall’s Louis Vuitton and Thakoon! Fashion moves in circles!

  18. Greener Pastures Says:

    Nice to come across your delightful blog. Love them pictures from Shillong, love the fashion. This post is hilarious. Nice observation. I guess with the winters of Shillong, I will walking covered in blankets too. I guess pork goes well with the cold.

  19. Khasi People | Seng Kut Snem | Wear about Says:

    […] of people wear plaid shawls; I tried not to photograph many because I’ve done it before. However, I  find it difficult not to photograph […]

  20. Arshan Ebenzer Says:

    i might correct you by saying that they are not wearing blankets but shawls.Blankets are for sleeping and they are obviously not sleeping. Btw love the blog and m shock to see my friend and her mom in one of the pics

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