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February 23, 2011

It’s February in Shillong. It’s a little warm today. But when the clouds go over the gets cold within minutes. Funny weather. This text was written on 08-02-2011. 

street fashion shillong

Wanrieka Passah, 26.
Dress – Incense, S.N. Market, Delhi
Booties – Soft & Sleek, S.N. Market, Delhi

Wanrieka is a classically trained pianist(finished 8th grade/I barely managed 1st). Wanrieka likes oranges.


I’m the street.

February 19, 2011

street fashion shillong

street fashion shillong

Wandering. Wondering. Forgetting. Lost. I’m the transition. Paused. Gripped with desolation. Being watched. Watching. I’m the dream. The scooters laughed. The cars coughed. Like a song on repeat. Hearing, but not listening. In chorus the cacophonies seemed to say Have A Nice Day. Buzzing. Changing. Adapting. Staring…into the abyss. I’m the street.

Man photographed in Shillong.

Clothes killed the chicken

February 15, 2011

doh syiar

doh syiar chicken meat

In Khasi– Doh is meat..and Syiar is chicken.

Sasha Laloo

February 9, 2011

street fashion shillong

street style shillong

Sasha thinks Charlie Chaplin is famous because he wouldn’t speak much.

Old Man|Iewduh

February 2, 2011

street fashion shillong

street fashion shillong