Sasha Laloo

street fashion shillong

street style shillong

Sasha thinks Charlie Chaplin is famous because he wouldn’t speak much.

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12 Responses to “Sasha Laloo”

  1. Pranita K Says:

    Love the pictures! 🙂
    IV GOT TO HAVE THAT BANANA. Where from ?

  2. Manou Says:

    She doesn’t know either. It’s an old old brooch from her mom’s collection.

  3. oona Says:

    Ahh, was she your hostess? I know her brother! She’s gorgeous.

  4. theunrealbride Says:

    You are a bug. But I like this girls style!

  5. For the love of purple, plaid, and nature | Classifieds | Featured blogs from INDIA. Says:

    […] […]

  6. girija Says:

    love the brooch…

  7. Spardha Says:

    what a spunky girl… love the shawl as skirt.
    I’ve thought of dong tat so many times…

  8. Anushka Says:


    My name is Anushka and I work for Cosmopolitan (India) magazine. We’re doing an interesting story on bloggers and would love to feature you.

    Please email me so we can discuss this further.

    Anushka Hajela

  9. BigFan Says:

    i m gooonnna eat that banana!

  10. Pariksha B Says:

    ooooooooooh i love her. will she marry me?

  11. shilpa bisht Says:

    Shillong is THE Fashion Capital of India I’d say… everyone is super stylish on the streets all the time! Mister Manou, it is damn good to see you travel there 🙂

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