It’s February in Shillong. It’s a little warm today. But when the clouds go over the sun..it gets cold within minutes. Funny weather. This text was written on 08-02-2011. 

street fashion shillong

Wanrieka Passah, 26.
Dress – Incense, S.N. Market, Delhi
Booties – Soft & Sleek, S.N. Market, Delhi

Wanrieka is a classically trained pianist(finished 8th grade/I barely managed 1st). Wanrieka likes oranges.

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3 Responses to “Wanrieka”

  1. L1L2 Says:

    very true about the shillong weather. we joke that shillong entertains all four seasons in just one day! i like the title… great movie too:)

  2. Imsu Says:

    The 2nd photo is just lovely.
    Oranges are my ‘favourite’est’ fruit!

  3. Jeremy WAtson Says:

    Its not only the weather in Shillong that is unpredictable, Even people out there no less…

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