Heads will roll

tenzin tsundue
Tenzin Tsundue. Short film maker/ Freelance Stylist. Watch Fleur – a short film by him for a fashion collection. Check rest of his short films here. My favorite is Piaf..reminds me of Polanski’s Repulsion.

Arwa fashion model mumbai
Arwa. Fashion Model & a Sports Nutritionist.

edward lalrempuia fashion editor vogue
Edward Lalrempuia. Fashion Editor.

Ushoshi sen lakme fashion week
Ushoshi Sen. Fashion model. Elton Fernandez. Make up artist. Read more on Elton here – Men in Sequins.

nida mahmood
Nida Mahmood. Designer.

lakme fashion week people
Mathieu G. Designer. Prashant. Painter. Lulu. Designer.

lakme fashion week 2011
Nidhi Jacob. Stylist. Nikhil D. Style Editor.

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One Response to “Heads will roll”

  1. shooting star Says:

    i was at the Fab store Khan market when i spotted.no i guess literally bumped into Edward Larmlempuia…..was picking kurtis for me in the womens section when i looked up to see who the guy was hovering above me….it was him…gosh what was he doing in the women’s section!!..that was mah 1st thought!!!

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