Introducing Imsu

street fashion delhi india

Likes bad boys, loves Adele, watches everything on Star World, compromises on other household necessities to buy shoes, loves veg Wai-Wai, is immune to caffeine, Jack Johnson’s voice makes her all gooey.

street fashion delhi india

street fashion india

Imsu,20. Student/Fashion blogger

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19 Responses to “Introducing Imsu”

  1. Oona Says:

    Absolutely gorgeous, Imsu! Btw, Manou, you forgot to mention how brilliant she is in her academics!

    Oh, and for me, it’s mall-hopping over online-shopping any day! :p

  2. Imsu Says:

    Thank youuuu, Manou! 🙂
    I see Twitter is a great source of getting to know another better.

    BTW, I forgot to congratulate you on your feature in Cosmo. Brilliant!

  3. Pranita Kocharekar Says:

    I LOVE your hair,suits your face. 🙂
    The jacket is SO hot,If its missing-I’v stolen it ! The pants look fab on you too! 🙂 Really chic! 🙂

  4. Rinchen Says:

    Oh Ims! You look GORGEOUS. I love the black, blue and gold.
    Your jacket suits you perfectly and you looks stunning. I’m running out of words here. 🙂

    Oh, and not to forget, Jai Ho ASOS. 😉

  5. Rinchen Says:

    Sorry, that was- you look* stunning.
    See how excited you got me Ims with the look. 😉

  6. Classy&fabulous Says:

    I LOVE HER 🙂 !!!

  7. Tanvi Says:

    She is a sweetheart! 🙂

    ♡ from ©

  8. Rohini Says:


    you look absolutely stunning…
    and love the way Manou has described you:)

    great post!!!

  9. Lesly Says:

    MY NIECE. 😉

    nuff said. hehe …


  10. Abstruse Dreamer Says:

    Imsu, love the jacket! and the jeans, and the booties… okay, yes, i want it ALL! :sigh:

  11. diths Says:

    I love it , the wholesome.

    Especially the 5th picture. with the extar behind her . lol

    awesome capture.

  12. Un moment de mode Says:

    Wow gorgeous photos! I love your style of giving a brief summary and little introduction. Imsu, I am so impressed; stylish, smart, and beautiful!
    Great blog I am so glad I found it!

  13. the nyanzi report Says:

    absolutely spectacular!

  14. Agence hotesses evenementiel Paris Says:

    I LOVE your hair,suits your face! you look absolutely stunning….Especially in the 5th picture!

  15. shooting star Says:

    she’s got a great style..wish u could profile me too as part of ur project!!…

  16. Rajat Says:

    This girl is beautiful she shd be a model. is she a model?

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    […] Business student/Fashion blogger. I talked about Imsu here before. This set is 2nd in documenting closets series. In the photo she’s wearing a thrifted […]

  18. holito Says:

    wow..imsu..the best

  19. In Conversation with Imsu. Part 1. « Wear about Says:

    […] I blogged about Imsu was a year ago when she was oding on ASOS; she still is. Right after that I lost the sense of time. Photos are […]

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