Men at Lakmé Fashion Week

The trailblazers & the newsmakers, the heart lovers & the heart bearers, the finders & the seekers, the designers & the performers, some old regulars & a few new faces…

lakme fashion week men
Edward Lalrempuia, Darrell Vyd, and Imran Amed of Business of Fashion.

“Leaving the business and catwalk shows aside, the undoubted highlight of my week in Bombay was experiencing the infectious optimism of the people who are shaping the future of Indian fashion at this nascent stage. They might not yet have all the answers, but they are still excited for what lies ahead and seem willing and open to try new things.” Imran was attending fashion week in India after 5 years. Read more…The Fashion Trail | Modern Mumbai and Lakmé Fashion Week.


Rin, 26. Fashion Editor.

divyak d'souza

divyak d'souza fashion blog
Divyak D’souza, 22. Fashion Stylist. 
Spectacles from  Colaba Causeway. Lego heart by Tania. Jacket lining is a 150 Rupee sari that he got from Byculla. He used the leftover fabric to get a dhoti(with an elastic band) stitched, which is yet to make its floral appearance in public.

nikhil d

nikhil d
Nikhil D, 24. Style Editor. 

lakme fashion week india

lakme fashion week india

lakme fashion week india

lakme fashion week india

lakme fashion week india

Darrell Vydelingum

Darrell Vydelingum
Darrell Vydelingum. BLOW PR, London. Jacket from Topman; Scarf from a vintage shop in Paris.

lakme fashion week india

edward lalrempuia

lakme fashion week india

Edward Lalrempuia, 27. Fashion Editor.

elton fernandez indian fashion

lakme fashion week india
Elton Fernandez, 29. Make up artist.

jagvir matharoo
Jagvir Matharoo, 27. Designer.

kawaljit singh
Kawaljit Singh, 55. Designer.

lakme fashion week india

mathieu gugumus

mathieu gugumus
Mathieu Gugumus. Designer for Bungalow 8.

lakme fashion week
Varun Rana’s Bottega Veneta loafers.

atsu sekhose indian fashion designer
Atsu Sekhose, 32. Fashion Designer. The one page long interview that he is giving above can be read here – Indian men should not wear shorts.

indian fashion blog

lakme fashion week india
Anand Kabra, Fashion Designer.

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7 Responses to “Men at Lakmé Fashion Week”

  1. Says:

    Wow, I am thoroughly impressed with Nikhil. He has style oozing out his pores. Uber.

  2. eh Says:

    men? fashion? these are but ass pirates clad in rags mate. sorry sight and a terrible excuse for a profession.

  3. annagruszka Says:

    the green shoes are just awesome 🙂
    men look different there from our streets (Poland)

  4. a Says:

    Wow, thoroughly impressed with all the men. I would love to run into men that dress this well in Melbourne but it never happens. They just end up looking like ‘trying way too hard’ hipsters. But I don’t get that vibe from these men. They seem genuine fashion fiends. Great work. I LOVE YOUR BLOG. God bless.

  5. Thibault Says:

    Awesome. I love this new look of modern Indian men equalling the men here in Paris.

  6. Praks Says:

    And you blog with great fervor. Keep going!

  7. Praks Says:

    Very nice. Love each one of them

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