Nobody wears pyjamas with shoes anymore.

..particularly in reference to black leather shoes..loafers in this case. It’s common to find old men in small cities wearing them with white pyjamas, but very rare in big urban cities…and very rarely would be seen on young men anywhere.

street fashion india

street fashion india
Man on the street. Photographed in Janurary at Bosco square, Laitumkhrah, Shillong.

street fashion mumbai

Dheeman Agarwala. Jacket: Govinda Mehta. Black tee: H&M, Pyjamas: local darzi, Loafers: Red Tape.
Location: Versova, Bombay. Photographed in April for my street style story for Bungalow 8.

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10 Responses to “Nobody wears pyjamas with shoes anymore.”

  1. komal Says:

    its the same is my village in Kumoun, rani khet 🙂 there men also wear the panditji wali topi , its awesome there 🙂

    • Manou Says:

      Ah! I should go there someday. That entire side of Uttarakhand is interesting. Although what’s panditji wali topi? Nehru cap?

  2. bhaskarbhai2011 Says:

    Pretty nice post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed browsing your blog posts. In any case I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you write again soon!

  3. Villarrazo Madrid Says:

    Congratulations!It’s a great blog!!!visit my blog, you’ll find it quite interesting

  4. Kim Says:

    you know why? its because nobody cares. pajamas are clothing of the past, they represent rural india not urban india. nor do they match the western sensibilities. At least thats what most people think i’m sure and that sucks bigtime!

  5. Radha Says:

    This is so cooool. I read about you on wallpaper and followed all the way here. Great work.

  6. a Says:

    Wow, this guy is so cool. I think your blog exists to dispel stereotypes about India. People are always coming up to me and saying ‘you don’t dress like an Indian’. And I think well what exactly does that mean? If you stereotype, then i don’t dress like an Indian. Whatever that means. But my style is constantly evolving. I love trad Indian clothing but I also dress pretty punk rock, hip hop and everything else in between. Your blog makes it clear to not sterotype an Indian.

  7. Lilymei Says:

    Yes He is looking cool. But why they are wearing the shoes whenever they wear the Pyjamas. It desn’t look good in the sense. I like to wear the colorful pyjamas at night. Thanks for posting these photos.

  8. Men’s Fashion in Small Towns|Preview « Wear about Says:

    […] small towns, analogies that I draw between street fashion & urban fashion(similar to this and this), and things I experienced while being on the […]

  9. mark perez Says:

    i don’t think young Indians should really dress up like this…it did suit the old people in villages but not the generation today.
    i looks really funny. In fact if we modify this outfit a bit by making the young gentlemen wear jodhpur pants with shoes and blazer it will look better… but not this loose pyjama.

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