Indian Autorickshaw & Zara

color blocking trend india

zara lookbook april summer 11

Look 14 from Zara’s April lookbook 2011.
Auto photographed in Versova, Bombay.

color blocking trend india

Took some time, but the trend is catching up.


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21 Responses to “Indian Autorickshaw & Zara”

  1. Manas Says:

    Looks like Google has started into Rickshaw designing. 🙂



    haha this cracked me up! Love the colours either way!

  3. Miss D Says:

    Hahahaha. Are you being funny? And how come I’ve never seen autos like this in Mumbai?

  4. Vidhi Says:

    This is cool Dimby. This is very cool.

  5. Classy&Fabulous Says:

    HAHAH brilliant 😀

  6. Imsu Says:

    Hahaha! Very clever!

  7. Abstruse Dreamer Says:

    Ooooo can i have that rickshaw please?

  8. simple girl Says:

    cool shots…

  9. Sosha Says:

    So cute!

  10. Naina Says:

    OMG! There are no autos like this in Mumbai. I think you painted it yourself. Did ya? Don’t lie.

  11. Neha Says:

    Mumbai autos have always been fascinating, i love to sit in those autos and taxis with disco lights and velvet roofs 🙂

  12. Simrin Says:

    Hahaha..nice change from the black n yellow autos..!
    BTW.- im from Chandigarh n we actually have *PINK* autos called Tuk-Tuk n their just a call away.:-)

  13. tuhina Says:

    nice !! luv d colors

  14. P Says:

    OMG! Love! 🙂

  15. FashionMate Says:

    Hey even I have spotted this auto somewhere around andheri… Lovely pic though and Nice blog.. Loved all your posts.. Great Inspiration…:)

  16. Rinchen Says:

    Who would’ve thought? Haha. Thumbs up!!

  17. Zara Girl Says:

    I want to wear that outfit, then find that auto, and then own it.

  18. Akankshya Baruah Says:

    Love this one…… Good job pitting the two pictures together !

  19. An Essay on Indian Street Fashion « Wear about Says:

    […] street style and fashion trends. I am not looking out to do that ever. Sometimes the connection presents itself+ there are hundreds of fashion blogs that talk about trends and styles, upload photos from fashion […]

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