Surelee Joseph

surelee joseph fashion blog

Surelee Joseph, 24. Fashion Model. Likes dancing & Black Swan; house music & late nights; color black & Goa; colorful sneakers & dark/depressing stories; Kallol Datta and Anand Kabra. Loves pizzas and dark chocolate; Classic Milds & her friend Marvin. Likes Batman. Thinks Spiderman is a sissy superhero. Doesn’t like strawberry and most desserts. Is not much of a computer person…and only goes online for googling something, Facebook, or checking emails. Can’t drink anything else other than Vodka with Red Bull. Dislikes getting up in the morning, anything with wings, and science fiction.

surelee joseph indian fashion model

surelee joseph indian fashion model

Surelee grew up in Bombay, studied English Literature in college, and sort of started out  by doing a TV show – Remix – where she played the character of a tomboyish catholic orphan. The show ran on Star One for two years. Post that she started taking modeling seriously. Lakme Fashion Week was her first major modeling assignment, and has been modeling for about 3 years now.

surelee joseph indian fashion model

surelee joseph indian fashion model

surelee joseph indian fashion model

surelee joseph indian fashion model

” It was difficult for me to get in the industry as there were a lot of girls and a fair deal of competition. I am still very insecure. I feel I haven’t done anything great for the fashion industry yet. Although, I feel, I have been accepted.”

Post modeling?
I’d like to get in to designing my own stuff. If I earn enough money then maybe hire a few tailors, and start my own boutique. This is what Marvin and I’ve vaguely planned to do so far.
I’d also like to study journalism and write for a magazine someday.

You read any fashion blogs?
Yours and Malini’s.

If not a model..
..then I’d be doing a regular boring day job.

One thing you’d never do..
A fair and lovely ad.

+ read about her typical day at LFW here – A model’s day at Fashion Week.

surelee joseph fashion model india

Runway photos from Manish Arora AW10, Paromita Banerjee AW10, Tokyo Eye SS11, Myoho SS11.

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2 Responses to “Surelee Joseph”

  1. suhas joshi Says:

    Hi Surelee!
    You are looking great in this photograph, with a genuine SMILE.
    G R E A T !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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