Blonde feature + Commissioned work

Blonde is a Germany based fashion magazine..available in Germany, Austria, & Switzerland. You can read all good things about it here on the fashion spot, and a bit about its last issue on Les Mads.

My runway photos from Lakme Fashion Week are part of an article-Indian Summer-in Blonde’s July issue. The article talks about 5 Indian fashion designers and their 2011 Spring/Summer collections. Designers are Little Shilpa, Shivan&Narresh, Sabyasachi, Masaba Gupta, & Manish Arora. Text is by Anna Baur with some insights & inputs by me.

Below are the print-screens; my copy is on its way. Download the legible /hi-res pdf here. It’s in German. Kannst du Deutsch lesen? Ich kann. Ein wenig.

blonde magazine germany

On the cover is Caroline West | Elite NY.

blonde magazine germany indian fashion story

Above: Shivan & Narresh. Below: Little Shilpa(left). Sabyasachi(right).

blonde magazine little shilpa sabyasachi

Below: Masaba Gupta (left). Manish Arora SS 11 Paris(right) 

masaba manish arora blonde magazine

+ I’ve been featured in the magazine as well. Thank you Anna.

manou wearabout featured in blonde magazine

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6 Responses to “Blonde feature + Commissioned work”

  1. Dinah the Cat :) Says:

    Read it! Brilliant! Love it!
    So proud that you made it all the way to Germany 🙂

  2. afriend Says:


  3. lazymanxcat Says:

    Zomg !

    This is so bril !!

    Well done M !


  4. Fangirl Says:

    Congratulations love. You totally deserve it.

  5. Tanya Says:

    Swell! Well done!

  6. Sam Says:

    Congrats my love.

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