Hollywood Cerise

She hurried towards the west, almost in a straight line…momentarily pausing to settle her right foot in her chappals..giving little noticing time to whoever cared. With each step taken, the hem gathered a little dust..meanwhile the lookers looked on..the watchers watched..the talkers talked..the sellers sold..and just like that, she was gone…

street fashion india

Photo taken near Taj at Colaba.

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4 Responses to “Hollywood Cerise”

  1. Sosha Says:

    “The hem gathered a little dust.” What lovely writing!

  2. Jahnabee Says:

    Writing, like fashion, is most impressive when framed by simplicity.

  3. Miss D Says:

    Aww sweet. You got lil emotional there. The lady is so rad!

  4. Aditi Mohoni Says:

    LOvely!! The simplicity in your writing is intriguing. 🙂

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