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In June, Wallpaper* did an India based issue – a part of their four year project. This being the third in its series to produce portraits of the BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China) nations. In 2009, they were Made in China, last year they were Born in Brazil and this year they are Reborn in India.

During the same month I was one of the guest editors for Wallpaper* online. Below are some used/unused photos from the street style story I was commissioned to do. See the entire series here.

street fashion india acquin pais

street fashion india mens style

Anand Tukaram is a 73 year old fisherman..stays in Versova village. When not fishing, he says, he and few of his friends just sit under a tree for long hours, and talk about life and politics.

street style india

Dheeman Agarwala is currently reading Kerouac’s Lonesome Traveller & just got himself a cook.

street fashion india mens style

Munish Sharma, 25. 
Munish used to be a theatre actor but then he gave up acting..now he works as a casting director & occasionally makes films. He likes the idea of nothingness & Old Monk rum; loves Zoolander & Warhol’s eccentricity; finds inspiration in Blake’s Marriage of Heaven and Hell; likes sunshine, drinking beer in the afternoons, & listening to Venus in Furs on loop…dislikes television, marathi language, and does not approve of circles.

street fashion india mens style

street fashion india mens style

“I like playing when people are around but they don’t necessarily have to be or act like an audience…”
Suhas can be found playing the flute at his regular spot under a tree at Prithvi Theatre…though only in the evenings.

street fashion india men's style

Elton Fernandez, Hair/make up artist. 

street fashion india

Marv D’souza, 25. Fashion Stylist. Marv can fix anything..from buttons to broken hearts. He grew up in Santa Cruz & spent most of his childhood looking at the sky & sketching. His first job was at 15; he did promotions and demos for a microwave company & made 4000 Rs. a month working 3 days a week. He likes Florence & The Machine, strawberries in Nutella, & street shopping. He can sing at the drop of a hat. Dislikes countdowns, gossip mongers, Lady Gaga, and malls.

street fashion india mens style

street fashion india

street fashion india mens style

street fashion india mens style

street fashion india

Jagvir Matharoo. Blogs here.

street fashion india

Neville Bhandara, 22. Aspiring novelist. Currently in journalism. Feet firmly on the ground, head makes trips to the moon and back. Believes in “new ideas and intentions, ideological-revolution, people power…change, change, and change.” Likes smell of old books and new books. Loves T.S. Eliot, sushi, and Sartre.

street fashion india mens style

Karan Berry. Shoe maker.

street style india

Syed Ali Arif. Artist. He grew up in Hyderabad & now lives in Bombay. He loves SrideviHyderabadi Biryani, Vienna, and Gustav Klimt. Check his work here.

street style men india


Sasa. Fashion Stylist.

street fashion india mens style

street fashion indiastreet style indian women
Neha, 20. Architecture student
street style indian women
Snehal Fernandez, 18…likes Maggi, pancakes, and Keane.

street fashion india womens style

Ruchika Sachdeva, 24. Fashion Designer.
“I want to develop a niche in providing well tailored trousers, shirts, blazers and similar stuff. I feel that it’s difficult to find good tailored clothing for women in the Indian market and I want to be able to fill this gap. This season, I am doing a lot of panelling and experimenting with a bit of colour..”
street fashion india womens style
Imsu. Business student/Fashion blogger.

Photographed in Outram Line, North Delhi in February.

street fashion india womens style

street fashion india womens style 

Sasha Laloo, 26. Lives in Shillong. She is wearing a seconds coat from Iewduh; linen dress from Iewduh; self-made belt; bag from Berlin; socks from some trade fair; necklaces: traditional Khasi+ other few from Morjim Beach, Goa.

street fashion india women

Girls of Summer. Photographed near Prithvi theatre at Juhu, Bombay.

street fashion india women

Christina Hanghal is a 25 year old fashion stylist…will do anything to find the right window curtains.

Photo taken near St. Andrews Church in Bandra, Bombay.

street fashion india

street fashion india womens style

street fashion india women style

Kismet Nakai. Lives in Chandigarh. Is wearing Kurta from Fab India, shoes from Zara, and carrying a vintage mille-fleurs bag with Petit Point embroidery work.

nidhi sunil street style

Nidhi Sunil, 24. Fashion Model. Nidhi loves cats. And last night she finished a whole box of doughnuts.

street fashion india women style

indian street rickshaw

I’ve been on the road for about 15 days now..shooting street fashion in a few small towns in India. More on this project soon. Last four photos are from Bareilly(my last stop), which is where I am right now. I got mobbed yesterday. 

indian street procession

indian street procession

indian street cow

“…the most eye-popping, synapse-snapping, pulse-pushing place on the planet. “
– Wallpaper* on India

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9 Responses to “Wearabout x Wallpaper*”

  1. Emad Says:

    Nice photos !

  2. neha Says:

    Love the Diversity.

  3. Miss D Says:

    I like. I like. So many gorgeous men! And women! By the by that masquerader at the end looks scary as shit.

  4. Saloni S. Says:

    Well done! Didn’t see this before. I like the way you have written about all these people here.

  5. lovestruckcow Says:

    goo goo ga job

  6. Suranjeeta Barthakur Says:

    that girl wearing black kurta is looking fabulous. i want her blue blucher shoes..!! BADLY! why isn’t there a Zara store in Bangalore..? 😥

  7. Nishanth gowda Says:

    Reblogged this on Nishanth Gowda and commented:
    Diversity of Indian color!!

  8. Nishanth gowda Says:

    Loved it! I reblogged it 🙂

  9. poornami athmanya Says:

    fantastic !!

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