street fashion style india

street fashion style india

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10 Responses to “Oona”

  1. bryfling (@bryfling) Says:

    Yep, they did and I don’t even know these girls. They’re apparently from a college in Bangalore and I’ve never even been there haha. And I don’t even wear heels to college or anywhere else during the day, for that matter!

    Thank you for your kind words, Yanam ❤

  2. Pree Cee Says:

    @ manou manou – i love your pictures. can i know what camera and lens do you use? the pictures are so full of colour. do you do any post-processing for them? thanks!

  3. Whatsineveryone'smind Says:

    The subtleties of the english language maybe many but there isn’t anything subtle about your attention seeking prospects. The fact of the matter is this, you had a fashion blog, a decent one at that with above average content. One day you decided that you shall be accompanying your parents to this all paid trip and need a platform to showcase the credit ridden vacation of yours. Out came the idea of switching over to a pretentious format of “I’m too good to be a fashion blogger” and into this “lookie I travel on mummy’s money”.

    The truth remains that if you had actually quit, then you would quit altogether. If you say its a travel blog then it will consist only that, but that fashion blogger creeps in and yes it is narcissistic to constantly have this urge to showcase to the world that you dress well or travel, or got clicked for something or for that matter the publication of this very article and its publicity by you. Unfortunately, narcissism isn’t restricted to one’s own pictures.

    As for your false impression of not many people reading your blog, honey, once something is on the internet, the content is unrestricted and not controlled by any demographic, plus you have publicized it enough yourself to attract every attention you can get.

    Stop being delusional, and at least accept the fact that you didn’t quit anything, just added onto your earlier venture. Trust me, people will respect you more if you acknowledge the fact that you are what you are than say at one side that you quit, while you continue parading your fashion exploits.

    Hell, this very article summarizes it quite well when it says, “However, when the photos from this holiday trip are done with, it’d be interesting to see where she goes & what goes on her blog.”


    Not a hater. Same name coz it’s wishful that you see the mirror.

  4. bryfling (@bryfling) Says:

    I find it laughable how you write like you know me. I’m not exactly feeling the need to explain why I switched from being a fashion blogger to a travel blogger but I shall do it for everyone’s sake, once and for all.

    You see, my family is in the tourism industry and we recently bought over a fledgling travel magazine. This trip that I went on was for the benefit of the magazine; it was my job to contribute articles and photographs every fortnight to this little-known magazine. Upon quitting fashion-blogging because of the aforementioned reasons, I switched to travel blogging because I wanted to be motivated enough to continue travel-writing (after being done with this trip’s exhaustive material) as that is, eventually, what I want to end up doing professionally. I am well aware that I am still mediocre at it, my photographs are still very amateur but this new blog will, if nothing else and I hope, help me improve my skills enough to be able to write for the bigwigs someday.

    As for posting about my “fashion exploits”, please note that I have only posted about personal fashion while on the go. Fashion and travel, aside from complementing each other perfectly are also my biggest passions, and just because I quit fashion blogging and moved on to travel blogging that neither means that I have completely sequestered myself from the former nor does it mean that I only go on luxurious trips. Besides, it’s all about perception, isn’t it? Yours is, regrettably, a little warped. If I put up pictures of me in a Kanjeevaram in Tamil Nadu, I highly doubt you would think of it as narcissistic. Just because it’s Europe and I’m wearing Zara, you think of it as that. I find it strange, not to mention extremely malicious, how you’re hellbent on misconstruing every action of mine as being narcissistic when we’ve clearly never interacted before.

    As for my having publicized my blog, I couldn’t have been more lax about it unless blog updates on twitter and a single mail to the few contacts on my gmail address-book count (FYI, they asked to let them know my new blog address when I quit fashion-blogging). In fact, I chose to blog on tumblr so that random teenage tumblr addicts who genuinely like good pictures can reblog whatever they wish from my blog. No comments, no unnecessary followmeandI’llfollowyous, no nothing. There are millions of blogs on the internet and while my having done this little bit of so-called publicity (and I digress and shall add here that the owner of this blog requested me to agree to this) does make my blog vulnerable to the likes of you and your malicious kind (and I hope for Wearabout’s sake that you are the last), rare are those with elephantine memories and, thus, I’m hoping within a week or two everyone would’ve forgotten about a little blog named Bryfling.

    Lastly, dear whatsineveryone’smind sitting behind the garb of anonymity, try to not be so catty and fault-finding because it’s very unbecoming of you as well as Wearabout’s readers. If you wish to retaliate further which I am quite certain that you will, kindly send me an email about it instead of publicly going on and on about how narcissistic I am on Wearabout’s blog. I don’t think other readers and Wearabout himself are quite enjoying this. However, I can tell you that I am most amused by this.

    • bryfling (@bryfling) Says:

      And @whatsineveryone’smind, as for what will happen to my blog once pictures of this trip are over… it’s simple, isn’t it? I’ll travel some more. I have a magazine to run.

    • Whatsineveryone'smind Says:

      Nice essay. All it was to me was blah blah blah explanation blah blah oxymoron justifications blah blah still delusional. This comment stream is moderated, and if my comments were “catty” in nature, then I am sure the blog owner would have moderated. The simple task of you explaining yourself on a public medium, demands criticism, be it positive or negative and I for one, am glad that whereabout appreciates the spectrum of such conduct.

      There isn’t any garb of anonymity. Sadly to you it matters more as to who is making you reflect upon yourself rather than what you are being asked to reflect upon. Useless to say, but its atypical of your nature to avoid this internal conflict of yours. I bid you fairwell, and hopefully subconsciously somewhere you have understood how you’re a walking oxymoron and if not then well continue as you may, mon ami.

      And I apologize to whereabout if this is considered misconduct, but sometimes truth needs to be told, no matter how bitter it might sound.


      p.s. I’ll say it again, narcissism isn’t bound by pictures, places you visit or brands you adorn. Broaden your perspective for your sake. And do invest in carpe diem and unplug yourself please. 🙂

  5. Aditi Says:

    @Oona/Whatisineveryone’smind (which btw is wrong english)

    You say you’re not a hater when your very words drip with ignorance, jealousy and hate. And clearly you have way too much time on your hands to actually sit and dissect every single word before writing out your ‘article’, sigh jobless much? I can suggest several productive ways to spend your time.

    You are the attention seeker here, and kudos you have succeeded, I am sure this was probably the highlight of your day.

    Who died and made you moderator of the internet to dictate limitations on travel blogging? People have the right to write about whatever they want, be it travel or fashion, and what is wrong with someone mixing a little bit of both? Just by posting pictures of what she wore on her trip doesn’t automatically turn it into a fashion blog. If you don’t like it, which I am going to rightfully assume you don’t, don’t read it, it’s actually that simple.

    Honey don’t try to sound smart by using big words, do you even understand what narcissist means? By the way you use it, you obviously don’t. Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one, and sure you are entitled to having yours but there’s a difference between constructive criticisms and just being a total ass.

    The only constructive thing I can take out of your criticism is that you do accept that her blog was ‘decent with above average content’, that’s probably the nicest thing you have said in your entire post, seriously says a lot about your character.

    I admit that I did take out the time to sit and dissect every word that you said because I think that she really does have talent in writing and photography, be it a fashion blog or a travel blog, at least she has the courage to put her work out there under her real name and identity instead of being a coward. I like her blog and I will take the time to defend it.

    Oohh lookie I am a sad, sad no talent nitwit hating on the world!

    Trust me, people will respect you a lot more if you just crawl back into whatever hole you came out of.

    Muchos gracias,

    A complete hater


  6. bryfling (@bryfling) Says:

    Lol, there you go again. On your toes and ready to comment. I shan’t even bother this time as clearly you’ve got issues not with me but with your sad, pompous, holier-than-thou self. Sitting behind an electronic device without a name and face to show for yourself does indeed make you a coward, “mon ami”. And yes, you attacking me on a public forum does demand my defending myself lest what you wrote should be on “…everyone’smind”.

    And fail, I have nothing to reflect upon except how you managed to misspell farewell and Wearabout despite your decent sentence construction.

  7. Srish Says:

    I can’t believe there are such intense haters in this world. Such people have no respect or love for other person and they certainly are malicious! Aranya, I loved your fashion blog and as much as I miss it, I understand there were reasons for you to quit. And even though I am not a big tumblr fan, I do visit your travel blog, the picture are so gorgeous and serene! You are doing a great job and I wish you luck for your future, I am sure you will make it big one day. And did I mention, you are one of the most beautiful and gorgeous person I know of, inside and out 🙂
    Love ❤

  8. Staple.Pin Says:

    I miss ‘The Billet-Doux’ tonnes, but I get Oona’s reason. It’s personal and it’s valid.
    Going to check out the new blog, and I’m sure it’ll be just as awesome if not better! =)

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