Paromita Banerjee FW 11/12:Preview

“…for inspiration, strangely, I didn’t have a story board this time..but when I finally got down to making the first few pieces, it came up along the lines of black & white with quilting details. The first few ensembles were very Japanese & basic; bordering along silhouettes like the Kimono wraps which I later translated into the Indian angarakha styles – very Yohji Yamamoto-ish..

Also, I never sketch; it is mostly illustrations and I also prefer working directly on the mannequin for colour/ texture/fabric fall etc…It helps me understand colour interaction and texture better.”

paromita banerjee fw 11

Inspiration was the Japanese boro quilting image that I had in my laptop archives…except that the idea was not to get “inspired” by it..but help in sparking off the thought processes or something like that. By the time the second lot of ensembles got made, a lot of colour had crept in somehow. One piece led to the next and finally the collection seemed to take shape…
paromita banerjee fw 11 inspiration

paromita banerjee fw 11 inspiration

I was drawn by the images of men in kurta / pajama/ dhoti / shawl ….people I see on the roads every single day, on my way to work…some may be the labourer class who come to work via the local train; the pajama is replaced by the pants..while the kurta remains..

senaka senanayake

In between all this, I was drawn by the colours of the Sri lankan artist Senaka Senanayake. His brush strokes and use of colour and form were all very “wow.” In fact I’m planning to work on his line for my next spring/summer..unless, of course, something else strikes me faster and better!

senaka senanayake paromita banerjee fw 11 collection

So finally, I brought together a couple of stories for my fall/winter line titled Daak(the call) in Bengali.”

The collection is based on the re-interpretation of the classics. The timeless appeal of textiles like the Khadi, “Taant”/ handweaves from Bengal, Tassar, Matka, and silks were explored in silhouettes ranging from the quintessential Indian clothing styles: the Punjabi kurta, pajamas, shawls, to bandgala jackets and waistcoats. These were teamed with accessories by Sutopa Parrab, an architect/jewellery designer based out of Sydney but having her roots in India.

Traditional forms & materials were explored in an ethno-contemporary context. Unheeded by how society puts values to materials like gold or silver, unusual materials like fish-nets, copper, titanium, bone, wood, horns were used to create forms that have a bold traditional background and stem from primal tribal forms. The garments were styled along the lines of how “normal” people would wear them on the streets, something which we seem to have forgotten in our effort to bling it on! Indian classics like the men’s style kurtas in tassar, handloom checkered shirts, drawstring pajamas or ghera(wide flare) dresses are worn with Ajrakh and Bagru printed waistcoats in indigo or silk wrap dresses. The accessories added another layer of texture in the form of fish-net, brass dokra neckpieces, leather cuffs and fossil – agate neckpieces in a range of organic forms.

Paromita’s show is at 3 p.m. on Friday-19-08-11.  She has about 90+ pieces on the ramp this time..and is currently busy ironing them.

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6 Responses to “Paromita Banerjee FW 11/12:Preview”

  1. kofykat Says:

    I’ve always loved the traditional Indian fabrics. Something about them makes the clothing much classier… whatever cut, fit or style the clothes themselves are. Love the first piece.. it is very me.

  2. Archna Says:

    I love your blog! I rarely comment on blogs…But I had to because your blog is awesome. I sound stalker-y. I’m sorry. 🙂 I follow a bunch of fashion blogs that are based in the States (I live in DC) and definitely sensed a lack of representation from the Indian side of things. Indian fashion is AMA-zing! So I am ecstatic to have found you!

  3. karishma Says:

    Fascinated, to say the least.
    Ajrak embroidery is almost dead and gone.
    So glad to see it up here, especially since I am a Sindhi. :]

  4. Ashita Says:

    I’ve always been a big fan of her aesthetics.

  5. Kresha Says:

    Love her clothes. When are you uploading her lfw collection photos?

  6. Boro. | Wear about Says:

    […] the modern consumer lifestyle. The collection would be a series of stories on the ramp, like our past collections.” – Paromita […]

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