Hermès & Indian Sadhus

hermes spring summer 2012

street fashion style india

hermes spring summer 2012

street style fashion india

Hermès ready to wear Spring Summer 2012.
Sadhus in Asansol, West Bengal.

hermes spring summer 2012

street style india sadhu

Sadhu in Shillong…photographed in January.


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15 Responses to “Hermès & Indian Sadhus”

  1. theunrealbride Says:

    This made me smile.

  2. Martina Says:

    interesting combo-never imagined the two extremes together!

  3. Vidhi Says:

    Verrrrrry nice Manouuu!

  4. disneyrollergirl Says:


  5. Suranjeeta Barthakur Says:

    Splendid ….!!

  6. Jyotika Purwar Says:

    i love the colors. Such fun to see the two contrasts together.I have to still make pancakes for you.

  7. Eina Ahluwalia Says:

    See our LFW Winter/Resort ’10 show!! Man we’re ahead of our times!

  8. Shweta Says:

    Love it!

  9. lucyfraser Says:

    I think this would have to be my favourite post so far. I love how you see beauty equally across the entire fashion spectrum, and don’t segregate the male and female. Big fan.

  10. kofykat Says:

    Inspiring eh.

  11. Prithvi Says:

    superb comparisons 😀

  12. Live-Love-DressUp Says:

    I love how your posts always have this touch of creativity! This colour combinations works wonders!

  13. Ashita Says:

    Brilliance! Just brilliance.

  14. Ruchi S Says:

    Amazing! I love when you draw such analogies.

  15. mark perez Says:

    amazing work……really appreciable thought…


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