Connecting the Polka Dots

street fashion mumbai india

street fashion mumbai india
Aayushi Bangur, fashion blogger, wearing a polka dot top from Zara.

polka dresses asansol

polka shop
Polka dot dresses hanging in a shop in Asansol, West Bengal.

street style delhi
Girl in polka top, with siblings, en route to Lotus Temple.

lotus temple delhi
..and the Lotus Temple.

street style fashion delhi india

street style delhi india
A ragpicker in Delhi…in a polka dot skirt.

street style india

street fashion delhi india
Niamat Bakshi in Stella McCartney.

polka dots
— Scarf at Ogaan in Hauz Khas Village.

street fashion mumbai india

street style india
Divyak channeling Dr. Strangelove at LFW..wearing tailored polka dot shirt and bow tie from Selfridges.

dr strangelove
Peter Sellers as Dr. Strangelove in polka dot sunglasses.

street fashion mumbai india

polka pants
Tania at LFW in tailored polka dot pants.

polka dots bag
Ruchika’s polka dot pouch.

street fashion mumbai india
Paloma Monnappa channelling Hepburn in a Zara dress, her mom’s vintage glasses, and a thirty rupee scarf from Asansol.

The polka dot story ends here…and another begins..

Below is a daily wage worker in Asansol, wearing the same scarf(gamccha) as Paloma...

street style india fashion asansol

street fashion mumbai india

The story I did for HT Brunch Quarterly is out now. It’s a 6 page spread of about 3000 words and 8 such analogies+ I’m also talking about undesirably stumbling upon trends in the unlikeliest of places, about runways & Bollywood, and my experiences in general with people and the streets…


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12 Responses to “Connecting the Polka Dots”

  1. Miss D Says:

    Brilliant! That Stella McCartney dress is GORJ!

  2. komal Says:

    You know Manou i was so surprised when i first started reading *seeing the blog, i thought i was the only one who got excited to see rickshaw guys in their Utilitarian fashion ensemble :).I know it is ironic but so are our Indian lives and ways :).

    a very hyper person interested in your blog

  3. Sosha Says:

    Oh my god! Who is Niamat Bakshi? She looks gorgeous!

  4. Martina Says:

    This is such an intelligent post..WOW.I’m amazed…you’re so good..

  5. Suranjeeta Says:

    They are oblivious to the existence of even the word fashion but still they manage to sport the best of it…hobo’s are the best..!

  6. Kate Says:

    Superb post! Shades of Miranda’s speech to Andy about the the trickle down of haute couture in The Devil Wears Prada. Well done.

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    […] up from where I’d left last…above: A cart pusher in Asansol. Below:Paromita Banerjee […]

  8. Anonymous Says:

    necessity invented clothes .
    decided the trend.
    designers are a cliche.

    ( do not have a blog )

    Sneha Kulkarni

  9. Ambica Srimal Says:

    loving it so much i featured you on my blog. you are doing a fab job Manou!

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  12. Deepak Acharya Says:

    What an interesting series !!!!

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