NH7 Weekender|Preview

nh7 weekender pune

street style india nh7 weekender

street style india nh7 weekender

street style india nh7 weekender

gitanjali dang nh7 street style india
Gitanjali Dang. Writer/Curator from Bombay.

rushad kalyanivala street style india
Rushad Kalyanivala from Pune.

street style india nh7 weekender

I’m at NH7 Weekender – the happiest music festival in India. All the cool kids from Pune & Bombay are here.

NH7 Weekender documentary from last year.

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7 Responses to “NH7 Weekender|Preview”

  1. jyotika purwar Says:

    totally loved it.. too. It was great seeing you there. I could have stayed on and on and on…

  2. Namita Says:

    pity i couldn’t make it… look forward to seeing the rest of your pics! i’m sure i’ll see a bunch of familiar faces, i already see someone i know in this post 😀

  3. melisa Says:

    more pics!!! more pics!!! im in england!! i always vist ur blog its really cool! m originally a mumbaikar nd miss mumbai 2 much

  4. PS Says:

    I saw you at NH7 from a distance kind of stalked you with my friends(who knew your blog) for sometime. haha. You should hurry up with them updates.

  5. Sugandha Says:

    This post is gorgeous. I love it. You are an excellent photographer.

  6. Alisha Batth « Wear about Says:

    […] Alisha Batth, 22. Musician. Photographed at NH 7. […]

  7. Rashmi Alevoor « Wear about Says:

    […] was NH7?  I loved the atmosphere. It’s the closest event we (in India) have to a real music […]

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