Social Anthropologist

Born in Sikkim (in a quaint village called Gayzing); raised in a gothic convent in Darjeeling run by Nepalese and Irish nuns; belted out Shakespeare facing the Himalayas, excelled in drama and flunked in math. Learnt very early to bite into lethal chillies with great aplomb; her Nepali blood can take the heat she says. Was fat as a kid but she preferred to be called chubby; hated cute. Hated dolls too. But was into golliwogs.

Studied B.A. Literature in LSR followed by M.A in Film Making at Jamia in Delhi. Her final student film was called “A Little Death”. It dealt with the nature of sexuality. It had no dialogues but cut to the Igor Stravinsky’s magnum opus “The Rite of Spring”. Worked at Discovery Channel. At some point discovered Fashion & Surrealism by Richard Martin which gave her a new direction..

bandana tewari

Self-funded her first few trips to international fashion weeks in London, Johannesburg, etc. Made copious amounts of  notes standing in the last row and got paid a measly 2000Rs. for each story….But the ghosts of Cecil Beaton, Sarte, Fellini, Coco Chanel, and Stravinsky protected her…

She hosted the first fashion programme on Indian TV called Simply Style. Also hosted the first fashion webisodes in India on lfwtv. She’s written a book that’s now translated in Marathi, Gujarati, and Italian called “A Little Guide to Italy”. Would like to write for an Indian newspaper one day; is a regular contributor to IHT and NYT. Her daily reads are Newsweek. New Yorker. Another Magazine. Economist. Moreintelligentlife(THE BEST). MumbaiBossBOF.

Has a nine year old daughter named Mai-rah (named after her favourite book Myra Breckinridge) whose appearance she compares to that of a cheeky street kid. Her favourite gift to her friends is the docu Century of Self. Can complete the Rubik cube in two minutes flat. Collects stones from historic places.

Calls Dorothy Parker her priestess of self-deprecation. Is single and happy. Wants to start her own blog once she reaches 5000 twitter followers

I flutter in many ways but I fly in none… The older I grow the truer it sounds.”
-Bandana Tewari. Lingering in the 30s. Fashion Director, Vogue India.

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7 Responses to “Social Anthropologist”

  1. p.s Says:

    one of the most interesting posts ever.

  2. Sosha Says:

    Wow! I had no idea about her life, apart from knowing about her being with Vogue.

  3. Anushka Says:

    I absolutely love Bandana. I’ve only had the pleasure of meeting her once, but she was witty, humble and FUN! Such an interesting post, Manou. x

  4. artyheart Says:

    Wow, i love this woman. Update the post with her blog link soon then.

  5. Miss D Says:

    She is beautiful, inspiring, and her twitter posts are hilarious. She should really get on with that blog STAT!

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