Christina M Hanghal

Christina M Hanghal street style india

Christina M Hanghal street fashion india

Christina Hanghal.25. Fashion designer/stylist. Originally from Shillong..been in Bombay for 2 years. Was one of the Indian Project Runway winners in 2010. Shares her birthday with Christian Dior.

As a kid she’d cut clothes to dress barbies up in outlandish garments, and make them walk on imaginary runways on the floor. Her first paid job was a month long housekeeping stint at home with her 4 sisters; she was about 10.

Likes strong chai, cigarettes, and snow. Hates restaurant meals. Blinks a lot. Her apartment turns in to a club post 1a.m. on the weekends. Will do anything to find the right window curtains…


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9 Responses to “Christina M Hanghal”

  1. Rathiulung Elias Says:

    “Likes strong chai, cigarettes, and snow. Hates restaurant meals.”

    I like you already for being so Shillong!

  2. Sosha Says:

    A case of match-much, perhaps?

  3. Akshita Jain Says:

    the bag. Oh my god!!!!
    Colorific India

  4. Swetha K Says:

    Hi Manou.. Read your interview on the Globetrotter blog.. I loved the interview for your candour.

  5. Swetha K Says:

    Sorry. Amendment- the L-Atitude blog. Last word recall unfortunately.

  6. Roshinee Raajendran Says:

    I love the way she has dressed here – a romantic maxi dress suddenly becomes casual and interesting in a camel tone. And the fact that she has kept all the accents in shades of browns amplifies her look. Good work Manou, I wish more girls would dress like this.

  7. lawan Says:

    off the bag ,, and broader smile .wow .

  8. online sarees Says:

    good post, i like your post, at paris wedding sarees from paris sarees.

  9. mouseyface Says:

    Found you via the Cobra Video series on youtube. Great to see this glimpse of street culture. 🙂

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