Mia Morikawa

mia morikawa street style

“Inspired by natural structures and emotional landscapes, Central St. Martins graduate Mia Morikawa learned a language of visual poetry while climbing mountains and crossing canyons. A self professed warrior of beauty: she is currently living, loving, & laughing in amazing India. Her label, Kapow Wow mainly produces constructed textile pieces which are exquisitely organic in form and spirit.”

mia morikawa street style

28 years old. Born in Japan; grew up in America. Studied Communication Design at CSM, London. Makes most of her own stuff, but also likes picking up vintage, inexpensive, and obscure clothing from random places while travelling.

“I have spent close to 2 years in India over several visits over the past 3 years. My work takes me to a lot of places around the world and India seems to call me back often now, but I don’t really try and time it with fashion week. Though that’s a nice time to come since there is a lot of action at the studios of my collaborators in India. Berlin is my base for the moment.

Delhi is where my immediate friends and collaborators are in India, so it’s kind of become home. I find Delhi quite inspiring for my sourcing projects, though I feel far more relaxed in rural settings.

Making accessories and cooking are both equally engaging activities. I spend a lot of time just exploring ideas for experiences, spaces, and activities that are sensorial and in touch with nature. Fashion and food both have deep dependencies on nature’s wealth and I find myself in these two worlds quite often now because of that.”

mia morikawa

Photographed in October at Wills India Fashion Week.

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3 Responses to “Mia Morikawa”

  1. artyheart Says:

    Such a genius. So much texturing – I love. The pants make me want to scream – i want!

  2. komal Says:

    the PANTS !!!!

  3. Roshanne Says:

    It’s just so inspiring to see someone take what India has to offer and translate it in a really unique way. I went though her site and I just love the way the structured bibs jump out at you – very rock-n-roll 🙂 Great post, loved every bit of it.

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