Unsettled Man

street style india
Man with a hatchet, chasing nobody. Photographed in Bareilly, U.P.

street style india

street style india
Eating off a waste pile. Talking to self. Photographed in Asansol.

street style india

street style india
Eating off the platform. Talking to self. Photographed at VT station, Bombay.

street style india
Staring at nothing. Talking to self. Photographed in Yercaud, Salem.

versova sunset

“When we remember that we are all mad, the mysteries disappear and life stands explained.”
-Mark Twain

bombay versova sunset


christmas lights
Merry Christmas everybody!

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11 Responses to “Unsettled Man”

  1. Blue L Says:

    wonderful post, i love it…keep posting plz. God bless you

  2. Sweet&Bitter Says:

    Very nice post…the quote specially

  3. srin Says:

    You should meet my favourite unsettled man. He has long, gray dreads and has a lovely, austere face. He talks about Marxists sometimes but never to me. There was a point of time when somebody shaved his head, he would sit around on the streets with his head in his hands. He’s a dignified dirty gent.

  4. Miss D Says:

    Beautiful beautiful post. aaaaaand Merrieeeeee Christmasssssssss to you too.

  5. perlenhasser06 Says:

    Thanx Manou! Merry Christmas to you too.

  6. srin Says:

    South Calcutta; Lake Gardens.

  7. Swati Says:

    You need to be get more consistent with posting. It’s been 10 days!

  8. ku2i Says:

    Interesting post. Reminds me, in a way of that fashion line “Derelicte” in the movie “Zoolander”.

  9. Divya Bhaskar Says:

    The images are really stunning. I liked your post about the gamcha man. We find the term mostly in Bengali territories. Your collection of photographs and mentions about people are really inspiring.

    Divya Bhaskar

  10. Suman Says:


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