People. In stuff. And space.

street fashion india nina manuel

street fashion india nina manuel
Nina Manuel in Pia Pauro. Styled by Gary Wallang.

street fashion india
Kavita Kharayat in Siddartha Tytler.

tamara moss paromita banerjee
Tamara moss in Soumitra Mondal Summer 12. More photos from her show to follow.

aki narula
Aki Narula in a self-made collar.

santu misra
Santu Misra in Mickey ears.

street fashion india

street fashion india
Mathieu Gugumus in Bungalow 8 scarf.

street fashion india

street fashion india
Nikhil D in Shivan & Narresh.

vinod nair
Vinod Nair in an M&S jacket.

street fashion india

street fashion india nidhi jacob
Nidhi Jacob in Eina Ahluwalia necklace.

street fashion india pasham alwani

street fashion india pasham alwani
Pasham Alwani in hiding.

street fashion india
Jahnavi Tampi in her Mother’s jacket from Lagos.

tania fadte lego heart
Pig stuck in a Lego heart.

ruchika sachdeva bodice
Ruchika Sachdeva in Bodice.

street fashion india blur accessories
Sheena in Blur necklace.

street fashion india suhani pittie
Suhani Pittie in Suhani Pittie necklace.

street style india

bhavna sharma
Bhavna Sharma in Anand Kabra top and Prashant Verma pants.

street style india
Everybody. In the front row.

All photographs from Lakme Fashion Week Summer ’12 & August ’11.

street style india
Cigarettes in a tin box.

David Bowie in a tin can. 

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10 Responses to “People. In stuff. And space.”

  1. thehotdamn Says:

    I love that tin box !! I have one too (courtesy Indigo Airlines) and it also comes in blue n pink !

  2. Natasha Fatah Says:

    Oh gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! I am pinning a bunch of these on Pinterest. I love how adventurous everyone you feature is. This boundary pushing on a whole new level. Love it!


  3. manonmona Says:

    Reblogged this on Espacio de MANON.

  4. BABETTE Blog Says:

    Reblogged this on Babette blog and commented:
    Amazing fashion stuff.

  5. Prachi Gawand Says:

    Love Tin Box! ❤

  6. karishma Says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this blog post! Everybod looks so drastically different, yet fabulous. Well captured. ^.^

  7. Tanvi (@Tanvii) Says:

    Love what Suhani is wearing!

    ∞ © ∞

  8. Strand of silk Says:

    Love the outfit of Kavita Kharayat in Siddartha Tytler, this designer is always inspiring !

  9. Mishka Says:

    Awesome dresses……and great pics……..

  10. Sanjana Says:

    Love Isha Bhansali’s necklace!!

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