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Backstage|WIFW AW12

September 29, 2012

aakaro aw12 wills india fashion week

anand bhushan aw 12 wills india fashion week

anand bhushan aw 12 wills india fashion week

anand bhushan aw 12 wifw

anand bhushan aw 12 wills india fashion week
Anand Bhushan AW12.

nachiket barve aw12 wills india fashion week

nachiket barve aw12 wills india fashion week

nachiket barve aw12 wills india fashion week

nachiket barve aw12 wills india fashion week

nachiket barve aw12 wills india fashion week
Nachiket Barve AW 12.

arjun saluja fw 12

anuj choudhry

arjun saluja fw 12
Rishta AW12 by Arjun Saluja.

aneeth arora wills india fashion week

aneeth arora wills india fashion week

aneeth arora wills india fashion week
Péro AW12.

Raakesh Agarwal aw 12 wills india fashion week

Raakesh Agarwal aw 12 wills india fashion week

Raakesh Agarwal aw 12 wills india fashion week

Raakesh Agarwal aw 12 wills india fashion week
Raakesh Agarwal AW12.

aakaro aw12 wills india fashion week

aakaro aw12 wills india fashion week

aakaro aw12 wills india fashion week

aakaro aw12 wills india fashion week

aakaro aw12 wills india fashion week
Akaaro AW12 by Gaurav Jai Gupta.
Photos from the AW 12 shows at WIFW earlier this year. WIFW SS 13 starts in a week from now — from 6th to 10th October. 

Schedule: Nachiket Barve 4.30pm October 8. Rishta 5.45pm October 8. Anand Bhushan 4.30pm October 9. Péro 5.45pm October 9. Hoping to make it to Delhi..and the shows.

Dolly Haorambam

September 25, 2012

street style bangalore

bangalore street style

Dolly Haorambam. 22 year old. Born in Imphal, brought up in Assam. Doesn’t know how to lie. Likes The Pixies and cutting her own hair.

You went back home(Guwahati) recently. Has it changed a lot?
The culture has changed drastically in the last decade since Guwahati has been a connecting city to the other parts of Northeast. Nobody used to dress up much before. Actually, nobody really dresses up that much even now. There was a time when girls used to feel uneasy walking down on the streets in jeans and t-shirts. These days you would find teenagers who follow trends and go to pubs. Besides that from what I have observed there are minor subcultures influenced by metal music, hip hop, and Bollywood.

Is it the usual ‘modernization’ — more malls, more cars, more food joints..or something else?
Everything of everything. It’s one of the fastest developing cities in the country.

Do you like staying there?
No. I am home most of the time. I have a few close friends whom I meet occasionally. There’s nothing much for me to do there except for staring out of the window and looking at hills, clouds, and crows. Oh there are lots of crows!

Things you like about the city?
The riverside and the way to my old school. We used to cross the river Brahmaputra everyday. I guess I miss the bus rides, and yeah, the ferries.

..things you dont like?
A lot of things. The crowd. The weather. The dust storms. The floods. Oh I miss the thunderstorms.

If you go to Guwahati just go to the riverside if you like that kind of stuff. The river is so big, it looks like a sea. New year picnics by the riverside are very popular. Other than that, please have momos at the Momo Ghar. They are cheap and huge. It’s one of the oldest shops where I used to hog everyday after school. Along with the momos, they serve chicken soup with pepper on it.

dolly's room wall

What got you to study fashion as a subject? Anybody at home in the same field? 
I always felt I was drawn towards fashion and clothes. I used to sketch and stitch tiny clothes for barbies when I was small. But then I don’t know why I wasted two years doing engineering coaching, probably because everybody else around me was doing the same. Then I applied at NIFT just for fun and got through. That’s when I started taking it seriously again.

No. Nobody in my family really understands fashion. I guess I come from an orthodox middle class family and they still have this big notion that what I do is tailoring.

Now that you’ve graduated and have a job…they’re cool with it?  
Yes they are glad that I got a job. My parents are fine with me working under Bahl because they apparently checked online and saw he is Karan Johar’s friend.

Describe working at Varun Bahl?
I am learning a lot about Indian couture even though I feel a little disconnected at times. I am more minimal. But I am getting to know more about myself so I consider it as an important experience nevertheless.

What was your graduating collection about?
I worked upon the concept of the change from solid to liquid to gas. The three states of matter. Creating forms, yet keeping it wearable to an extent. It was a big challenge to make it wearable when all I could do was forms.

dolly haorambam dc

How did you start blogging? 
My first blog was when I was in eight grade. I used to write random essays and poetry on science, life, and humour. Something that I often termed as ‘irrelevant art’. Then moved on to photography and finally fashion. I had around 7 blogs, out of which only three survived. One of them is AlphaBetaGaga. I prefer taking self photographs. I can never be comfortable when somebody else is taking a photograph of me. I feel like the ground is gonna crumble.

How do you decide what to post on your blog? What’s the purpose of it?
It’s usually random. Depends on my mood and time. I feel I should stick to things that I am good at. I am not good with wearing pretty clothes or street photography, which is why I mostly end up doing something that probably just evokes a certain state of mind. If I am moving around streets, I end up clicking shadows and silhouettes rather than portraits of somebody on the streets. I don’t have a specific genre but I guess it’s just individualistic.

I prefer taking photographs in rooms, in front of a blank wall, or under the clouds, or something that runs around a concept or a certain idea. It doesn’t really serve any purpose for anybody. I do it because I enjoy it and if somebody appreciates it, it makes me happy.

dolly haorambam

dolly haorambam

What do you do when you feel uninspired?
I take pictures or probably watch something interesting, Talk to people whom I can relate to or post on my blog. Or maybe cook a nice meal and treat myself. Or go out and listen to people gossiping and amuse myself. I force myself to be happy. Anything that can drift my mind. I get tired of sitting sad. I prefer keeping myself busy.

Where do you mostly shop from?
Flea markets. Chor Bazaar(in Delhi) or Sarojini or I stitch clothes myself. I feel Chor Bazaar is a men’s clothes paradise. It’s a sunday market near Chandni Chowk. Starts around 5 in the morning. It’s got really cool stuffs. You get shirts and trousers for 50 bucks. I wear mostly men’s shirts so it’s a paradise for me. I got this collarless houndstooth overcoat from there for 50 bucks. SN stuffs are mostly worn by everybody on the streets so I don’t really pick up much from there until I find something really interesting.

Books. music. Films.
Photography by Air is what I listen to everyday. Suedehead by The Smiths. Life of Pi. Catcher in the Rye. Wuthering Heights because it takes me back to the past. Amelie. Submarine. Diving Bell and the Butterfly.

Favourite blogs?
The cutting classLesly’s, and yours(laughs).

dolly haorambam

What keeps you going?
I just feel the need to be important. Anything that makes me happy about myself. It sounds so narcissistic. But then that’s the thing that inspires me. The need to do something in life; I dont feel like wasting it.

Is wearing a black Zara shirt, self-stitched drape, Bodice trouser, & school shoes. Floral top is from Imphal–a gift from a friend/trousers from Chor Bazaar. Wall photo is from her apartment in Bangalore. Two photos of the other girl(Rhea) are of her graduating collection.

I photographed Dolly in her apartment and out on the street in HSR layout, Bangalore earlier this year in May.

Angelique Raina

September 22, 2012

angelique raina street style delhi

Childhood. The memories I have of my childhood are filled with my being primped like a doll, exploring serene landscapes, and playing with fascinating objects and ornaments.

My early years were spent in Cannes with my Grandmother, who made me her personal project. If I wasn’t being told how to sit, eat, and dress properly, I’d wander down to the beach in front of our house to chase our Saint Bernard Watson around. When we moved to London the closest tube station to home was Knightsbridge. Everyday, on the way to school, my mother and I were guided there by all the beautiful stores that lined Sloane Street.

What did you study? My mother made reading a daily routine activity. So when I moved back to Delhi and began choosing my subjects for high school, my first choice was English Literature. I took a special shining to plays and novels; acting them out was even better.
Later, whilst I was at the LSE studying Government(Politics), I realized that I had a deep interest in political philosophy and the big human, society and power questions.

How did you get involved in fashion? I’ve always been involved in fashion, in my head at least. My first internship at 16, courtesy Feroze, really solidified it as a potential career choice. I worked at The Production House coordinating shows for fashion week. It was an absolutely magical experience. I’ve always been told my brother (my confidant) to do what I love; that coupled with being guided by Pernia, working in the industry became a reality for me.

Interests. Likes. I need to confess, I genuinely believe I have an addiction to knowledge and unending rss feeds; it worries me a little. Otherwise, my main interest is in the work I do(research and strategy for brands).  I love good conversations, meeting new people and spending time with friends, preferably with yummy food in reach or with a drink in hand and my feet on the dance floor.

I very much adore minimal house/electro music. Nicolas Jaar and Maya Jane Coles are currently on replay. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, was the last film I watched and loved. A close friend of mine, Shivanee, compiles the best must watch/read lists so I’m currently going through those.

Describe yourself? As a person I believe I am composed of my values and interests. As they evolve, so do I.

Angelique Raina…just got back from Ladakh and loves Saturdays. She works as a fashion Consultant & lives in New Delhi. Wearing a Burberry coat in this photo. Photographed in Delhi in October 11.

James Lalthanzuala

September 13, 2012

James Lalthanzuala street style delhi

“I’ve always had a keen and meticulous eye which inhibits me to settle for anything ordinary at work, in society, and in my personal lifestyle – both past and current. Although I feel I’m too imperfect to call myself a perfectionist, let me describe myself as “a dictator of style” mostly but not limited to fashion.

I grew up in Aizawl, Mizoram. I studied fashion styling at Mod’art International in Delhi . I’m 25 years old.

In Aizawl, the weather is pleasant all throughout the year. People are very warm and affectionate. They are straightforward, hard-working, honest people with high standards of integrity.

Adaptation of latest trends both in fashion and lifestyle, especially from the west, is very quick in Aizawl. Fashion is not just limited to clothes; it extends to all aspects of life, be it the house, the car, the bike, gadgets, etc. When it comes to fashion and an extravagant lifestyle, Aizawl has a thing or two to teach the others.

I usually go back home for Christmas/New Year and sometimes in summer to get away from the heat.

I’ve been living in Delhi for 6 years. I dont have a particular shopping place, I shop anywhere — mostly at street markets like Sarojini, Lajpat Nagar etc… I love Delhi because you see different people from all over the country living here, making it a city of mixed cultures. What I dislike about Delhi is: hot weather, chaotic traffic, and corrupt auto drivers.”

James Lalthanzuala street style delhi

Photographed at Wills India Fashion Week in Delhi this February. He is wearing thrifted clothes.


September 3, 2012

I went in and out of fashion weeks, through endless nights and days. Through vapid entertainment and celestial events. Through quiet small towns and dull big cities. Living in boxes in cheap lodges through different seasons in different places. Travelling for weeks and stopping to do nothing — a good remedy. From living in complete silence to raging contrasts and epiphanies. Through absence of television…and doubts. Through daydreams. And sunbeams. And cows. And disco lights. Through photographs, almost illegible notes, and emptiness in life that sweeps in, stops, and passes by…day after day..


sabyasachi winter 11

lakme fashion week backstage

jfk quote

versova mumbai

versova man

jodhpur lodge


lit fest after party

burberry shoot

how are you feeling


burberry exhibition

imsu longkumer

andy warhole quote

hauz khas village

bodice store

wills india fashion week

kitty su



french loaf


khoda bini

nift bangalore

sunset dharamsala

lunar eclipse mumbai

supermoon night

blue frog

tania fadte

krishna mukhi

himanshu singh

sana rezwan


street play mumbai

jack kerouac

street kid mumbai

dharamsala airport

dharamsala airport



old tibetan woman

tibetan woman dharamsala

family photo dharamsala

dalai lama temple dharamsala


summer solstice sky


“What Kabir talks of is only what he has lived through. If you have not lived through something, it’s not true.”

street mcleodganj


gakyi mcleodganj

cow india



horizon dharamsala

ian mcbryde

kasol street

woman kasol

manali woman


kasol hills



street woman mumbai

bodice at lfw

bodice stall lfw

arshia ahuja

mad world

anila dj

nidhi jacob


night sky dharamsala

animated dog


I’m blogging again after a 5 month break. This post summarizes a bit of my last year — things I keep going back to + posts I’m working on.

Photos: Backstage Sabyasachi/Swapnil Shinde SS 12. Versova beach. JFK quote. Room in Jodhpur. Street in Jaipur. Literature Fest after party. Burberry AOTT shoot. David Shrigley. Medicines. Burberry AOTT event night. Imsu. Hauz Khas Village. Bodice. Dancer at JJ Valaya finale. Kitty Su. Orion+dusk in Tamil Nadu. HSR Layout, Bangalore. Dolly. Bini. NIFT Bangalore grad show. Lunar Eclipse, Versova. Supermoon, Worli sea-link. Elton & Nisha. Tania. Krishna Mukhi. Himanshu Singh. Sana Rezwan. Meera. Street performers. Jack Kerouac. Street kid in Bandra. Airport in Dharamsala. Mcleodganj. Chinese kid & a woman in a magazine. Oasis Cafe. Old Tibetan women. Indian family posing at The Dalai Lama Temple. Summer solstice. Kabir. Foggy Mcleodganj in July. Gakyi restaurant. Cows. Clip from La Haine. Pema. Dusk. Poem by Ian McBryde(I changed Wyoming to Shillong). Kasol. David Shrigley. Street woman in Juhu. Bodice wall. HUEMN stall at LFW. Anila. Nidhi. Arshia. Clear night sky. Page from some Dali’s book. Dog on screen.