James Lalthanzuala

James Lalthanzuala street style delhi

“I’ve always had a keen and meticulous eye which inhibits me to settle for anything ordinary at work, in society, and in my personal lifestyle – both past and current. Although I feel I’m too imperfect to call myself a perfectionist, let me describe myself as “a dictator of style” mostly but not limited to fashion.

I grew up in Aizawl, Mizoram. I studied fashion styling at Mod’art International in Delhi . I’m 25 years old.

In Aizawl, the weather is pleasant all throughout the year. People are very warm and affectionate. They are straightforward, hard-working, honest people with high standards of integrity.

Adaptation of latest trends both in fashion and lifestyle, especially from the west, is very quick in Aizawl. Fashion is not just limited to clothes; it extends to all aspects of life, be it the house, the car, the bike, gadgets, etc. When it comes to fashion and an extravagant lifestyle, Aizawl has a thing or two to teach the others.

I usually go back home for Christmas/New Year and sometimes in summer to get away from the heat.

I’ve been living in Delhi for 6 years. I dont have a particular shopping place, I shop anywhere — mostly at street markets like Sarojini, Lajpat Nagar etc… I love Delhi because you see different people from all over the country living here, making it a city of mixed cultures. What I dislike about Delhi is: hot weather, chaotic traffic, and corrupt auto drivers.”

James Lalthanzuala street style delhi

Photographed at Wills India Fashion Week in Delhi this February. He is wearing thrifted clothes.

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4 Responses to “James Lalthanzuala”

  1. Katja Says:

    I think that what he mentioned about that the latest trends are not limited to fashion only is true. It’s a good aspect I never really thought about before…
    and what he is wearing on both pictures is adorable, interesting man I guess.

  2. lydia kudrow hnamte Says:

    i appreciate this guy…..his style…fashion..everything about him is fabulous

  3. jenjum Says:

    I always liked what he wears…always so commendable.

  4. Puitei Mary Vanchhawng Says:


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