Angelique Raina

angelique raina street style delhi

Childhood. The memories I have of my childhood are filled with my being primped like a doll, exploring serene landscapes, and playing with fascinating objects and ornaments.

My early years were spent in Cannes with my Grandmother, who made me her personal project. If I wasn’t being told how to sit, eat, and dress properly, I’d wander down to the beach in front of our house to chase our Saint Bernard Watson around. When we moved to London the closest tube station to home was Knightsbridge. Everyday, on the way to school, my mother and I were guided there by all the beautiful stores that lined Sloane Street.

What did you study? My mother made reading a daily routine activity. So when I moved back to Delhi and began choosing my subjects for high school, my first choice was English Literature. I took a special shining to plays and novels; acting them out was even better.
Later, whilst I was at the LSE studying Government(Politics), I realized that I had a deep interest in political philosophy and the big human, society and power questions.

How did you get involved in fashion? I’ve always been involved in fashion, in my head at least. My first internship at 16, courtesy Feroze, really solidified it as a potential career choice. I worked at The Production House coordinating shows for fashion week. It was an absolutely magical experience. I’ve always been told my brother (my confidant) to do what I love; that coupled with being guided by Pernia, working in the industry became a reality for me.

Interests. Likes. I need to confess, I genuinely believe I have an addiction to knowledge and unending rss feeds; it worries me a little. Otherwise, my main interest is in the work I do(research and strategy for brands).  I love good conversations, meeting new people and spending time with friends, preferably with yummy food in reach or with a drink in hand and my feet on the dance floor.

I very much adore minimal house/electro music. Nicolas Jaar and Maya Jane Coles are currently on replay. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, was the last film I watched and loved. A close friend of mine, Shivanee, compiles the best must watch/read lists so I’m currently going through those.

Describe yourself? As a person I believe I am composed of my values and interests. As they evolve, so do I.

Angelique Raina…just got back from Ladakh and loves Saturdays. She works as a fashion Consultant & lives in New Delhi. Wearing a Burberry coat in this photo. Photographed in Delhi in October 11.

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3 Responses to “Angelique Raina”

  1. Oona Says:

    She’s gorgeous. That coat is exquisite, she sounds exquisite herself.

  2. Miss D Says:

    She is beautiful and Im glad you’re blogging again.

  3. Deepti Says:

    Gorgeous photos! Loved the blog.

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