Paromita Banerjee AW’13:Preview

Boro wills fashion week paromita banerjee

“It started off after I chanced upon this scrap of writing online. Loosely based on the concept of BORO – mended or patched textiles used as items of clothing in Japan by the peasants, merchants, & artisans. Born out of the forgotten values of Mottainai or “too good to waste” — an idea lacking in the modern consumer lifestyle. The collection would be a series of stories on the ramp, like our past collections.” – Paromita Banerjee

You mentioned cape somewhere. I picked it out randomly.
The cape is something I have always required as being an important item in my personal wardrobe. It is mainly waistcoat style, more drapy. Perfect for layering when you think the inner layer is getting too plain for wear.

I had been staring at these images from my archives while visualizing the cape. I have loads of them so I’m not exactly sure where each one is from. 1st photo is of a Sufi man taken in Uttar Pradesh in 1983. I’m a huge fan of “babasteve” image bank on flickr. Some images are from there. I think he’s brilliant.

wills fashion week paromita banerjee

street fashion paromita banerjee

wills fashion week paromita banerjee

wills fashion week paromita banerjee

Excerpts from a short talk with Paromita Banerjee about her Winter collection and inspirations. It’s her first show ever at WIFW(14th March 2pm). I’ll be there.


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2 Responses to “Paromita Banerjee AW’13:Preview”

  1. MasonBentley Says:

    Brilliant, contradictory photos! – the lust for the colours against the obvious poverty…and love the concept too – I am a great believer in ‘re-loving’ clothes x

  2. samm Says:

    Awesome pics again, i think i like this and shall going to follow your blog. super amazing concept. keep ’em coming.

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