Pranav Misra

street style india fashion week

street style india fashion week

Pranav Kirti Misra, 28(much older in his head). Designer at Huemn, models occasionally, writes poetry. Originally from Lucknow, lives & works in Delhi. Likes Marilyn Manson, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Dastik, Gareth Pugh, Ricardo Tisci, Like A Flower In The Rain by Bukowski, Ghalib. Would like to date Adele. Can have conversations with himself for days… it weird, talking to yourself?
Not at all.

It was a Sunday yesterday. What did you do?
I did not go to the gym.

Other than making clothes and modelling, is there anything else you’d like to do?
Yes. I want to fly. I want to act in theatre. I want to hold seminars in schools and colleges and talk about random subjects for hours. I want to write, sing, entertain people, make people laugh…

How often do you go back to Lucknow and how is it like?
Once a year. In Lucknow, life is simple, there is more air to breathe, and more time to think. But in Delhi, you miss on a lot in just a blink.

Photographed at Hyatt, Bombay during Lakme Fashion Week in August last year.


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13 Responses to “Pranav Misra”

  1. Roanna Fernandes Says:

    Talking to oneself is fun.

  2. Katja Says:


    your pictures and stories about the people really have a unique touch. Every time I see a new story on your blog, I can’t wait to read it. I feel your pictures transport the personality of the people so well and I like how you ask them different questions every time. Your site inspires me so much and it totally does show an awesome and creative face of India which (for me) nobody else than you can show.

    It’s the best example to show others how many faces India has.

    Keep on going your great work!

    • shellyssarkar Says:

      It’s because of the people in story. Of course, Manou recites it 🙂

  3. Miss D Says:

    What a hottie and it’s a great photo love.

  4. bhane. | Wear about Says:

    […] Kaka. Aditi. Odette. Carol. Pranav. Richa. Arshia. Shoot styled by Tiny. bhane clothes are simple and nice. Look them […]

  5. Smita Says:

    Interesting man.

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    […] Expressionist N stall at LFW. SS 13 at LFW. Pranav Misra in Expressionist N SS 13 shirt & Huemn […]

  7. Roanna Fernandes Says:

    *one’s self

  8. Parimal Gosai Says:

    Hello from Toronto, Canada. My name is Parimal Gosai, a Canadian born Indian. I am trying to find out who designed this shirt Pranav is wearing in these pictures. Can anyone help me out? I would love to get my hands on one and I have already looked up Javed Khan’s collections and still can’t find it.

    Thanks a lot,


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    […] Pranav Misra, 28. Designer. Why are you asking? Is this for your blog? Yes. I have cotton & silk fabrics which I’ve cut to a lungi’s length. I like wearing them as drapes, like a lungi. […]

  10. Carlos Gallardo Says:

    Donde puedo comprar una camisa igual, por favor?

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