We Need To Talk About Northeast India

street style woman aizawl india

Looking for potential contributors.

If you have a story, illustration, photograph, selfies(hate that word), poem, map, or anything having to do with people, culture(way of living/social habits/fashion) from the Northeast, please get in touch. My email is: wearabout at gmail dot com. (The material should be your own and not published anywhere else.) Please use the subject line**: ezine/wearabout

These are a few photos from my trip for your reference.

woman street shillong

house in meghalaya india

house in meghalaya india

kuvelu tetseo sisters nagaland

fashion dimapur india

dimapur wednesday market

impur india

house in ungma nagaland

miss nagaland imlibenla

mokokchung town

aizawl street market

aizawl street market

aizawl street india

aizawl girls street style

aizawl city full moon india

Photos from Aizawl, some parts of Nagaland, and Shillong.

PS. If you have any questions, thoughts, or ideas, send me an email or write in the comment section below.


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10 Responses to “We Need To Talk About Northeast India”

  1. debiparna Says:

    i love that you are doing this…every north-eastern i know has a great sense of style. i will see if i have any photos i can send in..

  2. Mimi Says:

    hey manou. i am not a professional photographer i have photos taken from my digicam. can i contribute? and how big images are you looking at?

    • Manou Says:

      Hey Mimi. Yes sure, you can. I’m looking at screen resolution/’saved for web’ images. Individual file size no bigger than 400-500kb.

  3. 4everpinkbeckybubu Says:

    Lovin the pics of back home… beccabubu

  4. Roanna Fernandes Says:

    Lovely idea!

  5. Suranjeeta Says:

    dunno if this would help your research- http://whooshwentanotherwhile.blogspot.in/2012/02/place-that-built-me.html
    This is a post on my blog on Guwahati. I’ve have more pics of Shillong, Cherrapunji but all on this line. Let me know if I can be of any help.

  6. hauteinterpreter Says:

    This is awesome! North East Indian street fashion needs the right platform to be showcased!
    I have a personal style blog with influences from North East India especially Manipur(from where I belong). Since I’m based in the US, i have a hard time documenting more of the street fashion and style of North eastern people. I am trying to do it in my own way here through my blog- http://www.hauteinterpreter.blogspot.com. I wish I could do more justice to it though!
    Thank you for having a feature on the north east here! 🙂

  7. ayesha Says:

    You have indeed done a great job by visiting places and showcasing the civilians of Northeast but somewhere down the line, I feel that there are more than these which you have failed to grasp. You did not click in the urban and metro life of the people of Guwahati and the ones who do not have a mongoloid eyes!! Another form of misconception.

  8. sentu Says:

    Hi Manou,
    Really nice pictures you have posted!!
    Very innovative i must say. When it comes to promoting the North East of India I am game. So pls do tell me if its a blog only to depict the fashion or the wear of the people from the region or can i contribute pictures showcasing anything about NE???

    • Manou Says:

      Hey Sentu. It could be anything to do with culture(way of living/social habits) not necessarily fashion. Maybe email what you have and I’ll let you know.

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