khasi woman shillong

Annette. In her 40s. Is a Khasi housewife, runs a kindergarten school, and is interested in fashion.

I took this photo back in January 2011 in Shillong. My host Mary took me to her father’s house. Annette is her half-sister. I wanted to photograph Annette in the attire she was in, but she felt those clothes were dirty, only meant to be worn indoors, and wanted to change into her finer clothes(jeans+booties). First she wore this. Then she changed again because her husband suggested she wore something else.

I imagined this photograph to have some sort of an old-world charm to it. A woman standing on the front lawn of her English home, wearing vintage clothes, awkwardly posing. This was close but not quite it.


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2 Responses to “Annette”

  1. Katy Says:

    This is a great post. I like the insights into every day woman, interested in fashion, but not defined by it. Similar to me, but living at the other side of the world. I think Annette looks beautiful. Strong, positive and vibrant..

  2. Kirti Singh Says:

    I fully agree with Katy.
    Looking at other posts on this blog Annette seems out of place as you tend to stay on extremes. You do right? But good on you to include her. I wanna see more women like her.

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