What Do You Wear To Bed? | LFW

street style fashion week india
Prerna Malhotra, 23. Designer
“I wear my comfo tee n pajamas. I stole the tee from my brother. “

What’s a comfo tee?
Basically my comfo tee is an over sized tee.

street style fashion week india
Amit Kekre, 39. Social explorer/Anthropologist.
“Mostly a pair of short cotton shorts. I’ve got a few…printed & plain.”

street style fashion week india
Astha Sethi. 25. Designer.
“Printed pyjamas with oversized shirts picked randomly.”

street style fashion week india
Nikhil D, 26. Fashion Stylist
“Old tee and PJs or boxers when I’m home in Delhi. Usually I pass out in whatever I’m wearing.”

street style fashion week india
Pranav Misra, 28. Designer.
Why are you asking? Is this for your blog?
I have cotton & silk fabrics which I’ve cut to a lungi’s length. I like wearing them as drapes, like a lungi.

street style fashion week india
Kiran Jaisinghani, 33. Designer.
“Clothes that are three sizes bigger — usually shirts, salwars, or checkered dhotis. I’m really particular about what I pick to wear in the night than anything else.

And you don’t wear any of this in the day?
Never in the day. I am pretty much a truck driver at home.

street style fashion week india

Shibani Dandekar. Actor/Model.
“Loose tees or tank tops, and pajamas. I mostly wear men’s shirts that are same length as a really short dress. I have a few.
Legs are always bare for me. My favourite is this vintage black tee shirt that says Wu Tang. Got it long ago from NY somewhere.”

Elton Fernandez, 31. Hair/make up artist.
“Shorter than short boxer shorts and a loose vest. My favourite is this soft cotton young teenage girl shorts for 100 bucks from Hill Road.”

street style fashion week india
Sneha Arora. 28. Designer.
“I am almost a man when i go to sleep. I wear a pair of GAP boxers and a man’s tee. When I am working late I just sleep in my denims. I find them the most comfortable.”

street style fashion week india
Ragini Ahuja. Designer
“Easy breezy soft big big big tee shirts & shorts or pajamas.
One of my favourites is a big George men’s tee. XXXL. It’s 3 years old. I picked it up at the export house where I worked back in 2010.”

street style fashion week india
Krishna Mukhi, 29. Fashion Editor, Harper’s Bazaar India.
“My brother’s oversized tee, it comes till my knees. It’s black and white. And this another tee from FCUK; I wear it inside out cos I don’t like what it says.

What does it say?
I am not gonna tell you.

street style fashion week india
Yeeteng Ker Watankhah, 28. Pattern Cutter.
“Is there an easier question?”

street style fashion week india
Aparna Badlani, 35. Store owner. 
“Usually a worn out tee and a pair of shorts. Have a bunch of A&F shorts. I probably wear some of my tees to the gym but not outside anywhere. Had a favourite — an Esprit tee — but it was in tatters, so had to throw it away.”

street style fashion week india
Himanshu Singh. Theatre actor/model.
“Nothing actually, to be honest. But only when I’m by myself.”

And when someone is around?
A pretentious night suit — pair of broad striped pyjamas and a loose buttoned shirt.

Shruti Bheda, 27.
“Gosh! It’s too personal.
Umm. Boy shorts & tee shirt.
If you use the original answer I’ll kill you.”

street style fashion week india
Rixi Bhatia, 32. Designer.
“Pajamas with prints and racerback tees. I buy them from thrift stores or roadside stalls on hill road.”

What kind of prints?
Cows and dogs…or just anything.

Photographed at Lakme Fashion Week in August 2013.

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8 Responses to “What Do You Wear To Bed? | LFW”

  1. Pallavi Says:

    Like the segment. What I like more is just the way each one of them are dressed in the pictures…


  2. nabanitasen Says:

    Love this post and every one is dressed so beautifully…..

  3. Estella Says:

    NICE POST! I love your blog. Why are you so cool?

  4. Anandi Paliwal Says:

    I love the fact that something so basic can also help in forming an opinion about somebody’s personality.

  5. Shruti Says:

    I love how simply the blog has been written yet how interesting it is!

  6. Ayeisha Says:

    I love simple tees and nite pant its pretty comfortable

  7. Sneha Mishra Says:

    What do you wear to bed ? This is one long span of time one can get away wearing \not wearing .

    Some really look sloppy in the pictures above , but if it is supposed to look stylish it doesnt . Anywho, the pictures cannot tell, how they carry it and that is a part of their personality .

    Everybody wants a sartarolist moment and everyone tries to make it – it depends on what choices can one have. If we started depending on style or fashion magazines to define what we wear to who we are , we are wasting precious time . To feel best , we need the thoughts in our mind more than what we wear that says about oneself. Some people can really throw in a T-shirt and a pair of jeans and they look fabulous – it is all about what you think that you wear/than anything.

    And looks become more of a statment when we are trying to finding an identity for oneself and when we are trying to find our own skin. What do you think ?

    People with disposable income have stylists because they are afraid to make their own choices . Really? Afraid to choose what to wear, how to do hair, what make up to put on ? Such Mary Antioneetess

  8. fashion Says:

    I savor, result in I discovered just what I was taking a look for.

    You have ended my four day lengthy hunt! God Bless you man. Have a nice day.

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