Sonam Bhutia

street style delhi india

street style delhi india
Sonam Bhutia, 37. Half Tibetan Half Nepali. Born and brought up in Kalimpong. Lives in Delhi.

“I love vintage and off beat fashion. I am a street shopper and Sarojini Nagar is my favourite haunt. The tunic I’m wearing is from Sarojini, blouse is from some export house, and the brooch is vintage.”

What’s the best thing about Kalimpong?
One doesn’t need a cab or anything to go anywhere. You can walk and reach everywhere. I miss the quaint streets and greenery. Also kachar pachar — street food which you can’t find anywhere else.

How long have you been in Delhi? You think you’ve adjusted well to living here?
Ya, I think so. I feel more at home here. I came to Delhi when I was 21 so about 15 years now.

What kind of jobs have you done so far?
I worked in a restaurant as a hostess when I first came to Delhi, then  I worked with a TV production company where I was handling production and costumes for shows, and now I work in PR.

What kind of music do you like?
I’ve been listening to Lifehouse all of this week; actually it’s been almost 10 years and I still love them. I like Amy Winehouse. And of late, been listening to a lot of Ray Charles.

Anything on repeat?
I got you under my skin by Sinatra.

Photographed at Safdarjung Enclave, New Delhi.


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6 Responses to “Sonam Bhutia”

  1. Pallavi Says:

    Delight! Love the sense of style that’s nested in the Northeast.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Topden Tshering Bhutia Says:


  3. Anandi Paliwal Says:

    love this vintage and contemporary mix.

  4. Gawa Bhumo Gawa Bhumo Says:

    Sonam glad to see you after long time back.Hope you are doing fine .

  5. Archana Thapa Says:

    U look great sonam!. i also love vintage touch. Keep going..!!

  6. Indiverve Says:

    Love this. So unusual and quirky. Very beautiful. I love it when people find different ways of dressing that is offbeat! Will be tweeting this. 🙂

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