street style delhi

“One of my least favorite quotes, or outlooks on life has always been ‘go with the flow.’ I must admit, I’m hardly the most laid back person. In fact, many would attest to the fact that I’m a bit high strung, but I’ve never understood why you would want to give yourself so little power in your own life. Go With the Flow implies that you should allow yourself to be acted upon, whether you like the result or not. It’s an outlook I hate, but it’s one that I find myself slipping into this year as a senior. With the amount of work that all of us have its easy to let go of things and forget that you have a say in the matter. You can react, you are a human being who is in capable of thought and action. Remember to react.”

Kalpana. High school student/fashion blogger. Loves lists. Likes The Kooks. Blogs here.

Photographed in Hauz Khas Village, Delhi in 2012.

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