19 People

street style india

Arya john street style india

street style india

street style india

gauri verma street style india

vibhash sharma street style india

carol humtsoe james lalthanzuala street style india

arushi parakh street style india

kiran jaisinghani street style india

anchal sukhija india fashion week

ekta rajani street style india

chinki sinha india fashion week

suket dhir street style india

cherry sharma street style india

stephen lotha carol humtsoe street style india

street style india

pranav kirti misra street style india

I made a list.

Photos from Delhi Fashion Week in 2012/2013.

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7 Responses to “19 People”

  1. Akshat Singh Says:

    Nice Post.I am so happy to see people dressing like that to attend a Fashion Week, I will be back to Delhi and shall try to make to that list. Nice job.Keep more of those content coming.India has its own Tommy Ton here.


    Akshat @thestylechutzpah

  2. Miss D Says:

    Carol is gorg!!

  3. jonathan Says:

    the girls are well dressed but the gay boys, they try too much in the name of fashion and identity! it is obnoxious, fashion no matter how weird and crazy cuts the clothes are, it should be pleasing to the eyes to look at!

  4. Pallavi Says:

    What a feast! Truly unique and so effortless. I could just live on such adrenaline of great individuality and creativity. Thanks Manou for putting India on the map of fashion forward.


  5. debi c Says:

    i need these people in my life. tell me where they all live and i will move there..all delhi? then i am coming.

  6. D.Arora. Says:

    My question, why all sissy’s wear such clothes? I mean keepin pranav aside. He is the only guy, infact who is worth calling a guy. and yeah guy in the Hat too.

    Most of the “Boys” are just attention seekers, Show off’s. Infact thats what fashion weeks are in india all about. wonder how many of them really provide business to the Designers!!

    & Girls they all are cool. 🙂

  7. highheels4u Says:

    I don’t see anything wrong with ‘sissy’ boys, D.Arora. If weird and show off, some girls are more so.

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