Chovi-e Luho

street style kohima india
Chovi-e Luho. 23. Management graduate. Lives in Kohima. Belongs to the Angami tribe. Likes Modern Family.

“I look up to my grandma for fashion. She is just an old village lady but has this particular style, when you take it to the fashion level she really has it. She is about 70 years old & lives in Khuzama village.”

Do you like anybody from pop culture?
Lady Gaga.

Where do you hang out in Kohima?
Kisama village. We go there sometimes to just chill and do barbecues.

I’m here for Christmas holidays. Usually we spend Christmas with our family. Have family gatherings. Go to church. Go out for picnics in the outskirts. Go fishing. Best part about the picnics is Galho — a Naga dish made with rice and vegetables.

Does your name mean something?
Chovi means ‘leading to the right destination’ in Tenyidie.

Photographed and interviewed in Kohima in December 2012.


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